Monday, July 31, 2017

Just Sue Me + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

 We've heard about it so many times before! Businesses suing other businesses for stealing their logos, designs, trade secrets, etc. One recent & crazy example is how Khloe Kardashian and her sister, Kylie Jenner, have been accused by more than one designer of lifting exclusive designs straight off the designer table and onto their own label. The designers say the sisters did it by e-mailing them, and asking for samples of clothing. The sisters supposedly then took the complimentary samples and made almost exact copies of them and then stuck their own labels on them. Of course, their names on the label would sell a lot of clothing! We'll see how it all plays out in court. 

 In my neck of the woods, we have a crazy obsession with soda, soft drinks, pop, soda pop. Call it what you may, it's big in Utah. We like to have our sodas mixed into every variation you can think of and then we give them crazy, funky names. Names like "Rocky Mountain High" - a mixture of Coke, cherry and coconut, or "Hard Candy" - a mixture of Sprite, Green Apple and Watermelon. There are hundreds, even thousands of possibilities. And two of the biggest players in the soda game are Sodalicious, and Swig. They both have thousands of dedicated customers and are doing very well. But apparently, Swig claims that Sodalicious stole a trade name that only they have the right to use, since they came up with it first and applied for a license. That name is "dirty". I'll bet you've NEVER heard that before, right? Swig claims that they are the first ones to use the term, but Sodalicious says that no, it's a common name for when someone wants their drink infused with something more than the original ingredients in a soft drink, or even an alcoholic drink, so they aren't stealing anything. Sodalicious appealed to have it thrown out of court, but the court declined and so they will be going on with the lawsuit.

My question is why doesn't someone just sue both of them for setting up their locations in close proximity to schools, where kids will have easy access to the sugary, addictive drinks? There should be a law that says no establishment with known addictive and obesity-causing substances should be allowed within a certain distance of public schools. It seems more of a sue-worthy cause. Not that it would get anywhere, but it's rather ridiculous to be suing for an apparently already common term, trying to make it exclusive. (Sigh.....excuse me, but I'm going to need to go, I'm feeling rather thirsty, like a nice, cold "Endless Summer", dirty, would do the trick!)
Sources: Vanity Fair, KSL, Sodalicious, Swig

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