Monday, March 6, 2017

'Eyes Led By The Heart' #MyPostMonday + The Week's Best Original Content

I've decided which movie star my youngest son resembles! I had figured out long ago who my first-born son looks like, duh, Tom Cruise! I swear he has his profile to a tee, and even down to the little twitch Tom gets in his jaw when it tenses up. (I study these things very carefully) Tom Cruise is an action star and my son is 100% action as well. He just won his 2nd belt, held simultaneously, for his work in the ring. He's an MMA fighter, right now ranked #1 in Utah for his weight class. (Look him up on Instagram!) He's also in the military and ready to go to war for our country. He's as full of testosterone as anyone I've ever seen. 

But I could never find anyone that my youngest son favors. Not that it mattered one bit--I know I have the best looking sons on the planet! (lol, do all moms think like I do? ) Joe is a gentle giant. He has two championship rings from playing on his high school football team, winning the state division championship two years in a row, and he is an awesome wrestler, making state. But his easy-going nature is a contrast to my eldest son. He chose to serve an LDS mission. He cleaned up his act, put his affairs in order, and left in January to serve for 2 years in La La Land! Yes, he's in L.A.! He e-mails me every week giving me short updates on what it's like to serve. It has been so much fun to share some of the things that happen to him since he decided to take on that role. 

Once a week they are able to take some time off and have a day to do laundry, grocery shopping, get together with other missionaries in their area, and maybe even do a little sight-seeing, like last week. They went to the Petersen Automotive Museum to check out all of the amazing cars there. But what was really cool is that they ran into Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Passengers!
Only in L.A. am I right? They were in the gift shop, with no one else there but themselves and Chris Pratt! They said hello and introduced themselves. He had his little boy with him and he explained, "Hey, it's the elders! They meet people and talk about God!" When he drove off, he waved to them. Nothing huge, but enough to certainly make me take notice. 

Well, of course, I had to go see Passengers, because I am a slacker and didn't see it when it first came out. As I'm watching it, and seeing Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) go through that agonizing dilemma of whether or not to wake up Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), and then living with what he did, trying to make up for what he did, and more than making up for what he did, I was so moved because I saw my son in him. He has those gentle blue eyes and those good looks! And what a coincidence that he met his doppelganger so early on in his stint as a missionary in L.A.!

Am I being unrealistic in thinking my sons are so amazing and good-looking? Some people would say yes. But I know the feeling is real for me. It doesn't matter that other people may see it quite differently. The point is that those you love take on a beauty that maybe only you can see, or maybe the whole world can see. But the point is, the beauty is there for you! 

Image - Eric Melander
I've seen so many examples of little old men and women who have been married for years and years. They are old, wrinkled and past their prime, but to each other they are beautiful. They see beyond the imperfections that time has wrought and they just see the beauty. It's so sweet to see!

I've given up rejecting the compliments my husband gives me, telling me I'm pretty, cute, sexy, etc. I realize that to him, it's true. As time passes, I quit thinking that he's just saying those things to get something from me, a fault on my part. He genuinely believes it! 
So I must conclude that despite the deluge of photographs, models, fashions, and fleeting standards of beauty, truth be told--true beauty must be seen with eyes that are led by the heart!
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