Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Changed My Philosophy About Being In The Sun!

Whew, we got through January and I've changed my philosophy about being out in the sun. I guess I got a little paranoid for awhile, with all of the warnings, articles, and hype about the dangers of getting too much sun. Skin cancer and wrinkles are not my favorites. I have been known to avoid being in the sun, going outside only in the early mornings or evenings. I kind of hate sunscreen because it is so greasy and shiny-looking. My husband is always telling me to blend in a bit of errant sunscreen here or there on my face when I have it on and we're out. I felt that rather than slather on the sunscreen I would try to avoid going outside in the middle of the day. Then I read something that gave me pause.
If I am to understand it right, the sun is responsible for the health of your heart. It is what changes the water you drink into a more energizing substance that can then help the blood flow upwards into the extremities of the circulatory system. It's not the heart alone that keeps the blood rushing through your body. It's also solar energy! If you keep yourself isolated inside, you won't get the life enriching benefit of that special function. Not to mention, the assimilation and production of Vitamin D, which is also a vital nutrient found to be very depleted during the snowy winters of most of the Western and Eastern States, barring just a few lucky states such as Florida, California and Arizona.

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Also, being in the sun alleviates Seasonal Affective Disorder, can help prevent the onset of diabetes, helps prevent MS, helps you lose weight because the higher levels of sun- induced serotonin decreases the appetite, boosts the immune system, helps skin conditions, and gives you more energy! 

But the main reason I've changed my philosophy about being out in the sun? Winter. Yes, just winter. It has kicked my butt, these last 2 months. December and January have done it. It has been so snowy and cold. Give me the sun already! So, while I am still cautious about over-exposing myself to damaging ultra-violet and gamma red rays, I am determined to be out more often in the sun by wearing good sunglasses, sensible sunscreen, and limiting my time spans in direct sunlight.

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