Monday, January 23, 2017

Perspective Gained From Others' Quest For Freedom + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

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This past weekend I read an amazing book called The Girl With Seven Names: A North Korean Defector's Story by Hyeonseo Lee. It was fascinating and I couldn't put it down!   We can learn a lot from North Korean defectors. From childhood they are lied to, made to believe they have no choice, are made to be afraid, to not ask questions, told to betray their neighbors and friends, and watch public executions for things like complaining about rations, not dressing like the rest of the citizenry, or consuming foreign literature, entertainment, and music. They are taught that the Kim regime is all-knowing and beneficent. Religion and free-thinking are absolutely not allowed.
Some of them are actually brave enough use logic and reason to form different opinions than what they are indoctrinated with, and dare to think there is something else out there. Most of these "truth-seekers" go through extreme risk and hardship in order to defect to neighboring countries like South Korea, China, Taiwan, Laos, etc. If they do succeed, they find such a stark contrast, compared to the fictitious things that were fed to them. They realize that their country is 3rd world compared to the neighboring countries and that their supposedly mighty military power is weak at best. They certainly didn't conquer South Korea or China, as they were told. Nor are the Americans and other Westerners savages that kill children in the streets.
When many of the defectors first come into their host countries after many hardships, their problems aren't over. They have adjustment problems. They are usually very suspicious, vindictive, ready to fight and rat out their fellow citizens. They are hesitant to help another human being. It's what the regime has turned them into! It takes patience and a period of tutelage to help the new immigrants to adjust. Thus, the journey to one's freedom is more than mere distance!
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How has our own country taught us to think and behave? After all, we are a Republic, with rights of free speech, commerce, religion, press, and education. I'd like to think it has made us more gracious, more grateful, more willing to help others, and more considerate of the rights of others. And when the transfer of power happens every 4 years or so, because of the vote of the people, that it is respected and that people are not persecuted and made to feel bad because of their personal choice. I would hope that the President of the United States, leader of the greatest nation in the world, is given the deference that he deserves. After all, the people exercised their rights to voice their opinions at the voting booths. It doesn't matter who we supported before the election. We should be happy that we are still in a nation that has amazing freedoms and opportunities!

And while peaceful demonstrations and protests are welcomed and have accomplished much in the history of the U.S., I would hope that rudeness, rioting and destruction aren't welcomed or condoned. It's not what we are or how anything good is accomplished. I hope I never see the day when our precious rights--rights that have been paid for in precious blood by America's best, aren't taken advantage of, and are used to persecute other people. We can learn what could happen from the survival stories of the defectors of South Korea! I know I did!
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