Monday, October 24, 2016

America's Middle Class + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

We are getting ready to vote here in the U.S., with millions of mail-in votes already in, and I have never felt more dismal about the whole thing. I feel like so many things are wrong with how the government governs. I feel like too many burdens are being placed on the backs of decent, hard-working middle class Americans. I feel like we are being lied to by everyone in government. I feel like once the middle class goes, America goes. These are just two stories coming at me TODAY, not even scratching the surface, but still more than I want to even think about. 
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1) The pentagon promised 10,000 California National Guard veterans bonuses of varying amounts, the most being $25,000, if they would reenlist. They did this because California was severely short of recruits in the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan. These were veterans who had already served and were not obligated in any way to reenlist. But they did, with the good faith that if they put out this one extra sacrifice, they would be rewarded. After all, they were already trained and proven, so they would save the military money. Now 10 years later, the government is telling them to repay the money or be subject to aggressive collection. It doesn't matter what the reason is, I feel that it's immoral to go after veterans who kept their promise to defend our country and then take back what was promised them for doing so. Many of these men had served multiple tours and were doing so again in order to somehow support their families doing what they had been trained to do. This of course is the middle class being picked on. If you want to sign a petition protesting it, go here!

2) We have just learned that Obama Care premiums haven't peaked. Not by a long shot. They are going up by double-digits! If you are one of the middle class, who either doesn't have access to job provided insurance or you need additional coverage for existing conditions, etc. you are getting gauged! Middle class folks are getting upset and I can see why! Consider this frustrated voter:
"If you don't think it's real I'll give you a personal example. My company sponsored insurance went from me paying around $550 per month to about $1400 per month. That is ridiculous! Seriously? Who pays that? We had to switch to a lower coverage, higher deductible plan just to get our premiums back to what they were. This Obamacare has destroyed the health care market. And he calls it a growing pain? Easy to say when you're a millionaire with every perk life has to offer. He's destroyed insurability for the middle income. The class that all these presidents vow to help. We are the cash cow that lines the pockets of the elite. We work hard so they don't have to. It's sickening..."
 I don't have the answers. But for a system to be failing so dismally in so many areas, there is only one thing that screams out to me...There is widespread corruption on every level of government, and every level of corporate America, and it has spilled into the citizenry because we have been fed lies of complacency. Wake up America before it is too late! Or is it already too late and we will be facing the consequences in November?

Like fall leaves clinging to the rocks in the rushing water, so are the middle class fighting to just hang on and not be swept away by the headlong tide of governmental control and greed! Are you a middle-class American? How does it feel to be an endangered species?
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