Monday, June 20, 2016

Love The Journey + #MyPostMonday Link-Up

Today is the first day of summer, or summer solstice, and it came at the right time I'd say, reaching almost 100 degrees today. June is also Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness month and so I'm thinking about my mom, who I lost way too early, 7 1/2 years ago, to Alzheimer's Disease. Luckily, she didn't have to endure the disease in its entirety because she also had a weakened heart from rheumatic fever she had as a child. Instead of doing major heart surgery, the family opted to let her heart run its course naturally because her Alzheimer's was starting to ravage her mind. It was such a hard thing to do. She suffered a bit at the end because she refused to take her medications because she thought they were bad for her.  It was hard to see her forget some of the names of her children or leave the house on a walk and get hopelessly lost. I remember she still tried to make meals, but eventually my dad took over because it was hard for her to blend the correct ingredients.

I believe she had early-onset Alzheimers because even in her fifties she was a little slow about making decisions, getting things done, or recounting experiences. But she was so wise! I relied on her advice so much. 

Sometimes I wonder if I will come down with the disease, since I am her daughter and it is hereditary. However, I learned that less than 10% of Alzheimer's cases are from heredity.  

That's so life!---We can be fighting battles to succeed, have goals and dreams of what life will be like. But there is never a guarantee that it will be the dreamed-about ending. I'm going out on a limb and saying that it almost never is.

That is why the journey is so important, and learning and enjoying it while you go! If you forget to enjoy the things that you experience while you are on the journey, it may be that when you reach the end, you'll have lived a lesser life. I think that is why my philosophy is to learn and grow, with as many resources as possible. But growing to the point that you are not instilling self-imposed suffering. I say, be kind to yourself, as well as to others. Life is too short for bad vibes!!

Yes, my mom was so dear to me and I learned so much through her example. We lost her too soon, however. I know she made my journey brighter. May we live each day to appreciate our journey! Who do you know and appreciate who enjoys the journey and makes your life better through knowing them?
Image - Gavin Schofield
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