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5 Empowering Ideas To Uplift Your Family #UpliftFamilies

Every family is different with a lot of different personalities, ages, likes and dislikes. But they're still ours and it's the greatest when we can come together and support each other, no matter how crazy we are!
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 One of the best resources I've seen for parenting in one spot is Uplift Families, a special initiative and non-profit organization developed by Utah First Lady, Jeanette Herbert. Over her lifetime, Jeanette has always been interested in children, whether it was her own children or grandchildren or those of others whom she took a special interest in throughout her life. So it comes as no surprise that through her influence as wife to Governor Gary Herbert, her dream of helping, inspiring and lifting families has come to fruition! Every year, during late summer there is the Uplift Families Conference, a full-scale, entertaining, educational event, complete with food! It is held at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT and is such a gala affair! I was privileged to attend Uplift Families in 2015 and am now looking forward to attending again in August 2016!

Experts of all kinds have weighed in on this site. There are full-length talks from experts in every field called TIPS Talks (Teaching Important Parenting Skills), articles from experts and other experienced parents, and a calendar of events to support and uplift families. So many ideas and available avenues to help and inspire! Just click the age of your child, the category, and the resource for individualized guidance on your own child! (Note: Although the information on this site is pertinent to all families everywhere, certain resources on the site may be Utah specific)

5 Empowering Ideas 
I found 5 great ideas that I think are in line with my philosophy and very pertinent and helpful in today's crazy world. See what you think.

1) Children are atmospheric travelers. Just like an airplane that is dependent upon the atmosphere around it to fly in safety (or not), so is a child's development dependent on what surrounds them. If they are surrounded by parents who talk to them early and often, they are talkers. If they are surrounded by other children that hit and bite, they learn to hit and bite. If they are left in front of a screen, they are content to be disconnected to people and connected to screens instead. Good atmospheres and bad atmospheres are equally as powerful!! --Nicholeen Peck

2) A surefire way to mess your kid up emotionally is to put down your child's other parent. If married, never show any kind of affection and/or scream and yell at each other. If divorced, remain cold, distant, bitter, angry, and while you're at it send overt and subtle messages to your child that he/she is to blame for the divorce. So, whether or not you agree with the other parent, you should try and give them the benefit of the doubt especially in front of your children. It will help them more than you will ever know!  --Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW

3) Reward For A Job Well Done - Children thrive on positive praise and one-on-one attention. They love these as rewards possibly even more than material gifts. When you want to achieve positive and lasting results, honest praise and one-on-one attention are great incentives!!! --Adhis Boucha

4) Real Super Heroes Are The Best Super Heroes! Examples of great role models who overcame much and succeeded can truly play authentic roles in our children's lives. They give concrete examples of what they did, how they did it and who helped them accomplish whatever their goal was. Children need real-life examples to help them succeed! Thank goodness we have plenty to draw from!  --Merrilee Boyack

5) Knowing your child's Love Language can help empower them and make you more successful as a parent. Gary Chapman has written several best-selling books on just that--knowing your loved one's love language.  It starts early, in childhood, and is innate to that individual throughout their life! One child may want concrete evidence of your love, even if it just means bringing him home a rock. Anther child could need praise and positive reinforcement from you and another needs hugs and kisses! When your kids feel happy and content because they're feeling appreciated, then your day is also less stressful and you feel more rewarded as a parent! --Nicole Carpenter


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