Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Special Group Of Eco-Positive Clothing

When I first experienced clothing made by artisans who use the most natural and eco-positive methods to produce their wares, I was in heaven. The feel of an alpaca wool sweater made in Peru is like nothing else! The art that local Peruvians use to make their alpaca and other kinds of clothing has been handed down for generations and is preserved in families and communities. That is why, in my opinion, we need to have textiles made in a fair-trade environment, supported by a company that ensures fairness for both producer and buyer. In that way, one can experience the luxury of exotic materials without wondering at what sacrifice this indulgence may have been produced.

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 Novica is known for its beautiful and unique gifts for everyone! And now they have a new clothing line called Indigenous, a group of supremely comfortable, attractive tops, scarves, and cardigans for men and women that are made for years of comfortable wear. The colors are natural, using no artificial dyes. The fibers are undyed, 100% organic cotton yarn. You know these pieces must be pretty special for Novica to make a special brand for them!

You can find these special wearable pieces showcased in the last minute gifts section, with over 7170 other unique items to choose from as well or you can search 'Indigenous' on the website search bar. 

I received the 'Eco Cognac Luxe' Tunic in a wonderful shade of warm brown. It is such a great shade and feels so soft and natural! I feel like I could be part of a world "covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon*" when I wear it. Nature, as it turns out, is usually the most beautiful and satisfying of elements, whether it be the clothing on your back or the food that you eat, or the roof that you sleep under. I can see myself wearing this top forever, never tiring of its comfort.

I wore it to school, to a conference, and lounged in it around the house. In all 3 of these situations, the top is perfect. It is not tight-fitting, but it is very flattering and comfortable. To keep the integrity of the shape and consistency, wash by hand and let it air dry flat. 

These tops would be a very unique and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life! Likewise, they would make the perfect reward for yourself after you have accomplished a personal goal or have gone through a hard time.What better way to affirm to someone that they're worth it?
*Sarah Addison Allen 

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