Monday, January 25, 2016

Memories Of A Distant Time And Place + #MyPostMonday

We have just completed the 2nd episode of Season 6 of 'Downton Abbey'. I am a late-comer to the show, having become enthralled in the middle of Season 4! It wasn't hard for me to totally become immersed, without having to binge-watch! One day I will thoroughly enjoy Seasons 1 - 3, when everyone else is mourning the end of the series! 
I believe that one of the many reasons that the series has proved to be the undisputed most popular show in PBS history, is because of Maggie Smith. She brought Professor Minerva McGonagall to life in 'Harry Potter' and when viewers heard that she would be playing in the new series,' Downton Abbey', interest was piqued and people tuned in for a peek. However, if viewers initially tuned in for Maggie, they stayed because of the gorgeous setting, the fascinating actors, the compelling time period, beautiful fashions, and the mesmerizing story-line. 

Three of my favorite characters in Downton Abbey are: 

Tom Branson
Tom represents the best of the up-and-coming middle class at the tail-end of the declining Edwardian Period. Married to Sybil, the daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham, he moved from the servant ranks to the main floors. And when his beloved Sybil dies in childbirth, he is still an integral part of the family, even while struggling with his own progressive philosophies, which differ from the traditional Edwardian traditions of the Granthams. Quote: "I think you forget that my wife was one of them. My child is one of them...I would like things to change, but I don't think in black and white terms anymore." 

Lady Mary
Also widowed and having been married to one of the "commoners"  on the estate grounds, she is very independent, intelligent, beautiful, and headstrong. It makes for some very interesting and fun adventures. One can't watch the show and not be aware of her. Love her or hate her, she is a force to be reckoned with. Quote: "I'll do it. I don't mind lying."

Lady Violet
Played by the illustrious Maggie Smith, Violet is the family matriarch and clings to the old Edwardian ways--where one remains in the class they were born into and the nobility has a job to show the lower class the proper moral character and how to behave with civility, all while enjoying excess to the extreme. Her quips are so sharp and illustrative of the time. Amazing! Quote: "I blame the war. Before 1914, nobody thought about anything at all."

Of course there are many more characters I have grown to know and love. Who cannot love the couples who live downstairs? Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, who we just saw married after the slowest burning romance in television history! And Mr. and Mrs. Bates, who have seen some really hard times, but who may be expecting their first child!
 If there was one reason I am drawn to 'Downton Abbey', it would be that it transports us to a time and place that is more gentle and civilized than today's world. Yet one can see that basically, people are always the same. They have the same emotions, dreams, and goals for their lives. The search for love and then hanging on to it is ever paramount---just like it is today!
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