Monday, October 5, 2015

To Be Happy Over Being Right + #MotivatingMonday Link-Up!

Photo by: Jennifer Peterson

The state of being seen as right is something that many people pursue relentlessly. It doesn’t matter what other points of view or proof is brought up, the need to be right supersedes everything. Most people aren’t really aware that they are choosing between two values—being right or being happy. These two ideals are present in most of life’s key situations. If you are unconscious of it, the powerful ego usually will do the choosing for you.

“Nothing is more deadly to happiness than the pursuit of being right ... which is to say, being seen as right. For personal proof of this, consider the people you know who are most insistent on their politics, their patterns, their viewpoint, their way… they tend to judge the most, insult the most, complain the most, and suffer the most. They reek of misery. This is often also reflected in their physical health.” 

The closer to home the situation is, the less likely most people will recognize or remember the choice between these two values of being right or being happy. Ironically, the more intimate the situation, the more damaging the wrong choice is. It is very seldom that in a close situation that being right is paramount, or more important than a person to be loved.

I’ve found when I back off, even when I am dead sure that I’m right, when in the heat of a discussion, it can possibly save a week of bad feelings in my marriage, rescue a relationship, or maintain a reputation.

Does it mean that you let go of your morals, beliefs, and principals to give in to someone else’s stronger or more insistent opinion or belief? Absolutely not. But when there is not a huge reason to die on the hill, why not just let it go? It can actually save yourself from stress-related illnesses, if you let your ego take second place to your sense of deference for the sake of peace!
Challenge: Next time you find yourself in a difference of opinion with someone, ask yourself, "Is it worth raising the stress level right now to prove that I'm right?" If you find that it isn't, find a peaceful way to resolve it as quickly as possible and congratulate yourself for choosing the happy route!
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