Monday, September 7, 2015

A Mountainside Spa Retreat #Utah

 Last week I was so excited to go to Mountainside Spa, a new spa in the Holladay/Cottonwood Heights area, for an amazing facial and body wrap! This was my first visit and being relatively unfamiliar to that area since my move north, I pulled out my navigator and headed out. I was easily supposed to be there within 10 minutes, when things took a turn. Apparently, my route was blocked because of a power transformer explosion, causing a wild fire in the middle of a residential area. 
 My detour apparently caused my navigator to get confused and the pleasant woman's voice led me half-way up a mountain to an ancient, gated building. "Wow, strange place for a spa, rather rustic!" I thought. Turns out it was an old, abandoned, delapidated, padlocked, electric power plant. I turned around, made my way down the mountain and parked in a parking lot. By this time instead of being 10 minutes early to the appointment, I was 15 minutes late. I was torn between cancelling and soldiering on. 

The pleasant gal at the desk made me want to keep moving on. She was very kind and became my human navigator, so I continued my journey with her guidance. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding at a crucial time, and I found myself in the middle of an intersection with a red light. I was not in the left turning lane, where I needed to be BUT if I went straight, it looked like the entrance to a freeway, where I definitely didn't want to go. So I did the only logical thing in my mind--always questionable. I made an illegal left turn, on a red light. I didn't get very far because right behind me was a cop. It took quite awhile for me to get out of that situation, but I must say I'm glad he stopped me because he alerted me to another very problematic situation I was driving with, since corrected, which I won't go into right now! I am so appreciative of his kindness because he seemed to understand that none of this was my fault!!!! Needless to say, I was extremely stressed out and harried by the time I reached the spa about 45 minutes late!!

Still managing to smile upon arrival to Mountainside Spa
When I walked in, I was not the mildly stressed person I was when I left my house. I was now beyond stressed, uncomfortable, overheated, and shaken...oh wait, that's called a hot mess! But walking into that spa was like walking into another world. It was so calming and so comforting. I can tell you right now that staff is so important in a place of relaxation. Staff can make or break your experience. I'm happy to say that the staff at Mountainside Spa is wonderful! I  was taken in and pampered beyond what I expected!  
Trio of products I walked out with after my treatment. Body Butters and Salt Scrub-Thank you so much!
I was treated to a hungarian facial and an exfoliating, blueberry body wrap. It was zen-like and when I was finished, I had practically forgotten any stress I was feeling when I arrived. I appreciated my considerate esthetician, Amanda, who bent over backwards with every consideration for me.
I came away with a list of things you might want to look for when you go to the spa:
 1) When you walk in, is the staff welcoming and polite? 
2) Is your esthetician both considerate and professional? 
3) Does the atmosphere lend itself to relaxation in every way?  
4) Is there an array of high-quality products to choose from that they also use in your treatment? 
5) Do you walk out feeling totally relaxed?
Mountainside Spa is having a Grand Opening on September 10, 11 - 7 p.m. They will be giving mini-facials, having drawings, and lots of other fun things! Let's welcome them to their permanent home and show them we appreciate them! 
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