Friday, July 17, 2015

Feet That Don't Hurt With Natra Cure Therapy Socks

First of all, this is a clever product I wish I’d had four years ago. My Plantar Faciitis is healed now, but when it was bad, I would have loved to have this!


Natra Cure Cold Therapy Socks are a nifty pair of socks with pockets that allow you to hold a hot/cold pack across the sole of your foot (full length) and a half size hot/cold pack across your heel (back) or toes (top). The socks are soft (the fuzzy part against your skin) and actually sort of cute. The packs are sturdy. (My alternative was wearing a pair of socks and rolling a frozen water bottle underneath my feet when my Plantar Faciitis was really bad, which can be a bit messy!)

Please note: Do not walk in these socks because of the hot/cold packs containing Polygel, a special gel that retains heat and cold longer than other gels. Also, the packs need to come to room temperature before changing from hot to cold or from cold to hot.

My thoughts: Excellent! I found these cooling, but not too cold (sometimes the water bottles were too cold). I usually used the socks sitting, with my feet up, but if it was not cold enough, I just put my feet down to press down on the cold pack to give myself a bit more cooling.
 This is an absolutely fantastic product for tired feet. Last Saturday I put in a 14+ hour day on my feet (Scout Fundraiser) and when I was finally done, my feet were tired & aching, and these were perfect. I’m just keeping the cold packs in my freezer all the time, right now (maybe in the winter that will change).
On the down side, you can’t take the packs from the freezer (in case you change your mind) and straightaway put them into the microwave to heat them up. The directions say they need to be at room temperature, first. Also,make sure to put them into the socks before heating them in the microwave. Heating them is very easy.

The packs give about 20 minutes of real cooling or heating, which makes sense because that is only how long you are supposed to use them. One time I took them out of the freezer to use, got sidetracked for about fifteen minutes and then used them. They were cool & helpful, but not as much as they had been when I had been able to use them immediately.

The website does not yet offer replacement packs, but will soon! I think it might be nice to have two sets of packs in case I suddenly decide I need to heat them up, and they are already in the freezer, or there is some sort of emergency and I have to take off running, without time to remove the socks (don’t laugh—this sort of thing is not out of the question when there are children involved) and rupture the packs.

The description that comes with the socks was helpful. I might never have found the ‘heel’ pocket in the sock without the picture & description, otherwise. There are care instructions & heating/cooling instructions. They are easy to read and not too verbose.

As I have used them for cooling my tired feet, I honestly wondered what the top pocket in the sock was good for—I could not imagine using it at all, until I tried heating the packs up. (Make sure you follow the directions!) I put the one across the bottom and the half-size one over my toes. I am going to love these in the winter! Sometimes my feet get so cold that I have put a hot pad under them and another one on top—it solves the problem, but is not as easy as these socks.

The directions say not to wash the socks, only to wipe them down (really?!) So, just to push the envelope, I washed them by hand anyway, with shampoo (I figured that was pretty gentle, right?) They don’t appear to have shrunken or spontaneously evaporated. However, I’m sure it’s important to let them dry completely before using them.

Since you are not supposed to walk in them, I guess they are unlikely to get dirty, especially if I wash my feet before using them!

This post was written by Valerie Rees Maker. She has a husband, four children and a cat, and lives in Orem, UT although originally from Concord, CA. She is involved in the  Boy Scouts, teaches & performs MiddleEastern dance, repairs books, and writes in her spare time.


Terri Patillo said...

My Husband could use a pair of these!

Unknown said...

I wish I'd heard about these before. I have a friend who could really use them. Unfortunately due to a job change I don't see her anymore. These look nifty!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. I really need to try this. I have plates and screws in my right foot and it hurts so bad.
Megan Tilley

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that could have benefitted from these; however, like you, her feet are now healed. If I learn of anyone who could benefit from this kind of therapy, I'll make sure they know about these! Thanks for the great review.

Unknown said...

My husband would really benefit - thanks for the chance to win!