Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Tahitian Pearl Pendant from Pearl Paradise

I've always loved pearls. Those beautiful jewels from the sea created because of an an irritation, like a speck of sand. It causes the oyster to make something so beautiful! I remember earlier this year reading about a woman who was having an oyster dinner at a restaurant in Tennessee and what did she end up with? 51 pearls!  Lucky gal! 

White pearls, the most well-known of pearls connote elegance, propriety, decorum, and respectability. 

Tahitian Pearls can suggest the same and more!  They can also imply a more casual, easy-going relaxed and even mysterious fashion statement. After all, Captain Jack Sparrow named his baffling pirate ship 'The Black Pearl'. Tahitian pearls are beautiful because the colors can be anywhere from black to iridescent turquoise to rose!

Tahitian Pearls have gained popularity in recent years because of their variety in color and because they have become more accessible. New methods of production have increased the availability of quality pearls.
I certainly love the Tahitian Pearl necklace I received to review from Pearl Paradise!

Pearl Paradise is the largest online pearl company in the world! Based in L.A., they accessorize the likes of Taylor Swift, Idina Menzel, and Katy Lowes with their beautiful rings, pendants, and bracelets. But more importantly, they adorn thousands of beautiful everyday, women all over the world with beautiful, tasteful, one-of-a-kind pearl settings.    

I am wearing the beautiful Cherish Collection Tahitian Baroque Pearl Necklace. It is a floating style necklace in sterling silver with a beautiful 10.0 - 11.0 mm baroque Tahitian pearl. It has green and rose overtones and I notice that clothing color brings out the individual hues. When I wear green, that is what is accented in the pearl. When I wear purple or rose clothing, the purple hue pops!

Along with the beautiful pearl came a Pearl Care Kit, with a soft cloth and some special cleaner to make sure the pearls remain in top condition. Also included was a card telling me a bit about Tahitian Black South Sea Pearls. It was so interesting reading about where they come from. My pearl has "peacock" overtones, which I love! Last was the certified appraisal sheet which gave all kinds of fun facts, including where my pearl came from--French Polynesia, the quality--AA+, Shape--Baroque, and appraisal value--$750.00. Not bad, considering the sale price is $220, including an 18" 14k gold chain! (Mine is sterling silver)

I was very pleased with my pearl pendant and its versatility. As you can see, you can easily wear it alone or layer it with other jewelery! The value is amazing, especially when you can buy it for that much under appraisal value.

I absolutely love the Pearl Paradise Blog, where you can take a peek into the fast-paced world of pearl acquisition, pearl cultivation, pearl sorting, and pearl grading. Jeremy, Hisano, and the team travel frequently, update frequently, and allow you into their world of finding the most beautiful pearls in the world that they, in turn, transform into strands, pendants, rings, bracelets, and other creations. One of the latest posts is about the Hong Kong show they attended and some of the great finds they brought back with them to L.A.

Pearl Paradise CEO, Jeremy Shepherd, has written an amazing e-book that you can download called '7 Secrets You Must Know Before Buying Pearls.' I highly recommend it!

When you want a special gift for that special woman in your life, or something to affirm that you are worth it, I'd definitely recommend visiting Pearl Paradise! Right now it's 10% off site wide! Just use the code Summer10 at check out! 

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