Monday, July 27, 2015

A Lost Sock + Motivating Monday

It was a pretty mundane week as weeks go. Nothing very impressive happened. I did, however, find a long lost sock that I had been missing. It wasn't just any sock. It was one of those thick, cushion-y, fully padded socks that make your feet say, "thank you for pampering me!" I have my everyday socks and then I have my special socks. So when it came up missing months ago, I was very sad and distraught. I looked and looked. But it never showed. Finally I went on, thinking I would never see it. But I kept its mate, just in case. I guess I just held out enough hope to make sure that if it was to return, there would be another sock to welcome it. Today when it showed up in my laundry basket, I couldn't believe it. I don't know who returned it to its rightful place and it begs the question, are socks living things? It's like it just jumped into my laundry basket all on its own! Nevertheless, there it was and I happily reunited it to its mate! And now my feet are going to be extremely happy!

Sorry for humanizing the socks. But it does remind me of  a relationship I have, or don't have, right now. I feel like I have lost more than a sock, it's someone in my life, someone who matters to me almost more than life itself. But right now, lost to me. What can I really do?

I can choose to fret and worry and bemoan my feelings of loss, which I must admit I do sometimes, in the wee hours of the night. But the fact is, I can't make them come back into my life, no matter how hard I try right now. But like my precious lost sock, maybe I can also hold out hope, keeping a place ready because one day, like the sock, he will show up and return to his rightful place in my heart and my life. And I will be so extremely happy....
Faux Falls Moab, UT - Photo by Gina Herbert  quote found here
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Jeffrey Scott said...

The missing sock conundrum. I too have often wondered where do the socks go? I wrote a poem about such an event and geared an entire r.a.n.t. article on the very same concept. It was all written with humour, of course. If you would like to read them, look for the tag 'clothing' in my blog. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I wrote.

As for the analogy of missing socks in your life. Remember, sometimes, no matter how much we cherish a pair of socks. Sometimes we have to give up on the old socks and look for new socks to wear.

Have a great day!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Touche, so true! However, some people, like some socks, are valuable and worth holding out for! I love how the mundane can turn into such thought-provoking fodder!

Jasmine Watts said...

So true!! Great motivational post.. Love it!!