Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hoseback Ride At 'This Is The Place Heritage Park' + $2.00 Ticket Discount!

Thanks to 'This Is The Place Heritage Park' for providing us with a horseback ride for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own!

The all-important birthday party. It shows your kids that you love them, but parties can be hard to plan and time-consuming. It was my nephew's 7th birthday celebration and we decided to let him invite two friends plus his brother to come along for a horseback ride at 'This Is The Place Heritage Park' in SLC, UT! We had a fleeting thought about whether the horses would be gentle enough, since some of the boys hadn't ridden a horse before but other than that, we were stoked!
It was a gorgeous June morning and we arrived at the horse stables after picking up our admission bracelets at the Gift Shop. We met up with James, the cowboy in charge! He had the horses saddled up and ready to ride. 


 He then helped us up on our horses. All of the horses were so patient and well-behaved! After everyone was saddled up, we were on our way!

We passed through the Pioneer Village

We passed by a Pioneer Cemetery
We saw gorgeous views!
 The boys were thrilled and learned how to manage these gentle horses. It was a fun education and we all enjoyed it thoroughly!

After the ride we were free to explore the village and park. One of the things that really capped off this birthday celebration was panning for gold. The boys were enthralled with the historical skill of finding gold by sifting sand out of a pan and finding gold at the bottom. There was gold a-plenty!
We also "happened" to find some curious rocks and found out they are called geodes. There "happened" to be a way to split them open, revealing beautiful, shiny centers! By this time, the boys thought this place was the mother lode of treasure hunting! Each boy got to take home his own geode! They made perfect party favors!

 From there we went and ate lunch at the Huntsman Hotel and watched the kids cool off at the Splash Pad! 

 There was much more to do than we had time for that day, so we hopped on the train and headed back.

I'd say the birthday celebration was a success!  It wasn't too exhausting to plan, the kids were engaged, and the party favors were epic! This place is awesome!

 Are you planning on going to 'This Is The Place Heritage Park' soon? Just mention 'A GAL NEEDS...' when you purchase admission, and receive $2.00 off your ticket price!


Simple Mama At Home said...

Wow! What an awesome way to spend a birthday. Those horses are so beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a great birthday party! It's definitely something we'd enjoy

Unknown said...

Every kid dreams of panning for gold. What a fun adventure!

Fariha N. said...

This looks like it was a great birthday! I haven't been on a horse in years but you reminded me how much I love horseback riding.

Natalee said...

Ever since Carter showed Reese his geode she has been begging to get one. I had no idea they had geodes available for purchase. It looks like Reese and I will be making a visit up there soon.