Saturday, January 24, 2015

Versatility And Choice With Mialisia Jewelry

I love jewelry anytime of the year.  It takes me from drab to fab in a few seconds.  I was presented with 2 basic pieces of jewelry that I was amazed to find made 4 beautiful looks upon first try!  And there are so many more ways to use it!  Mialisia jewelry is made to be versatile.  It's all in the little hooks that are on each end of the pieces, which makes it easy to lengthen or shorten the strands to your own personal preference.  

 It also makes it easy to add on different pieces of jewelry to create an individual look! We aren't all the same height or size and, of course, different outfits require different lengths of jewelry.  Some outfits need simplicity and other outfits need opulence and sophistication.  We are individuals, with different tastes and preferences, fully capable of making those decisions on our own!  Mialisia Jewelry puts every woman in the drivers seat and encourages creativity and individuality.  It's called VersaStyle because of  how versatile it really is! I enlisted the help of  two cute Gal Pals to model some basic looks of the two pieces I was given--

Belted Look

Short Layered Necklace

Long Single Strand Necklace

I like the fact that it is a direct sales business because you can choose to sell it or you can host a party and get free jewelry and deep discounts for your efforts.  You can see more of their pieces of jewelry in the USA flipbook
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