Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Relief From Stretch Marks With StriaFade #Review

               Disclosure:  I received either product or payment for my honest review of the product!
 Pregnancy,  teenage growth spurts, explosive muscle growth, rapid weight gain, medical conditions...all of these and more, will create change in the skin and also frequently cause stretch marks.  Some professionals believe that they are also accompanied with an increase in the hormone cortisone.  Regardless of how one "obtains" these marks of growth, they are often seen as undesirable.  As you can see, however, one rarely gets through a whole lifetime without having a few.  So why is it such a taboo subject?  We hear stories about how we got tattoos, how we got scars, or the location of our moles. But you never hear about how we got our stretch marks!  I can just hear it.  "Oh yeah, one day I looked down when I was a teenager and I saw these weird red marks.  They itched something horrible.  I didn't know what they were, so I went and asked my mom and she told me they were stretch marks from growing so fast...."  We prefer that they just go away quietly, with no fanfare!  Most of the time, they just hang around, maybe fading a little, but our skin is never really ever the same.  Or can it be?  
First of all, I think we should accept it as life and be proud that we're part of the human race and that we evolve and change physically from year to year.  It's a sign of being human, not a barbie!  But the next thing is that we actually can prevent much of the annoyance of stretch marks by taking care of our health, and if we do get them, using creams and lotions specifically made for diminishing the appearance of stretch marks!

I was able to try one of the best creams for stretch marks.  It's called StriaFade.  I gave it to someone I know who is a 17-year-old high school body builder on the football team, let's call him J.  He recently had a huge growth spurt, plus was working out a lot with heavy weights to gain size, since he is on the line.  He developed lots of muscle and also got stretch marks on the undersides of  his arms.  I gave him the StriaFade to see if he noticed any difference.  He agreed to try it for awhile to see if there was any difference in the appearance of the stretch marks.  I documented before and after 17 days of use.  This is what I captured. 
Before StriaFade

After 17 days
Although the stretch marks are not completely gone, the surface area is much smaller!  And that is from using the product for just 17 days.  I think with continued use, they should diminish even more!  That's great news.  These stretch marks were fairly new and I think it is helpful to treat them as soon after they have developed as possible! 

One reason why anti stretch mark creams work is that they improve the level of collagen in the skin, improving its level of elasticity.  The key to StriaFade's effectiveness is the extraordinary combination of ingredients. StriaFade contains five key ingredients, Regu-Stretch®, Antarcticine®, Shea Butter, Marine Collagen, and Onion Bulb Extract, in addition to many other natural and effective ingredients. This powerful blend of unique, patented ingredients combine into a stretch mark solution that's effectiveness is virtually unequaled in the skin care market.

I'm really happy for J. and the quick response he got with using the cream.  I hope he will continue to use it so that he'll have self-confidence in those all-important young adult years! 

According to the StriaFade site, one bottle of the cream will last about a month to a month and a half, with regular use and when treating smaller areas.  More is required if you are treating a larger area.  They also offer great discounts when you buy multiple bottles of the product.  

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dd said...

Never thought this would help a teen boy with growth spurts--great to know and bet he's happy too.

Will Quackenbush said...

Sounds like an excellent product

dd said...

Anyone who lost a bit of weight would love this. My sis would be love to hear about it.

Autumn said...

How perfect - No more worries about pregnancy stretchmarks! Thank for the great review