Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Microbubble Technology and the Rejuvenator Showerhead

   I love things that make my job as a wife and mom easier.  For instance, my phone is working for me triple time when simultaneously I'm being notified about texts, e-mails and calls, I'm reminded to pick up my dry cleaning (alarm), plus being navigated to an unfamiliar location (GPS).
    Now I've found a way to multi-task my shower.  While I'm washing my hair,  my shower is also deep cleaning, exfoliating and enhancing my mood!  Enter the Rejuvenator Showerhead with Microbuble Technology!  I received one to review and installed it in our shower.  It's all about the bubbles!  Microbubble Technology has been around for awhile.  It was initially used in medical diagnostics to help read ultrasounds.  The sonar bounces off the bubbles and produces the reading.  They are naturally created when a ship's hull cuts through the water and they are found around waterfalls, mountain streams, and beaches. These tiny bubbles are smaller than one millimetre in diameter.  Compared to a typical air bubble, these bubbles truly are tiny!  But they are rich in oxygen and increase the water oxygen levels up to 70 percent, higher than common tap water.  This increased oxygen level stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria and promotes healing! And the negative ions combine with your system to make you feel happier and energized.  
Trying out Microbubble Technology in a tub
    The health and beauty industry has taken this technology by storm and has made it work for us!  I recently attended an event featuring high-end kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, and faucets.  One of the demos featured a tub using microbubble technology! This can get quite expensive when you think about installing a whole tub to produce those specialized little bubbles that do so much for you!

   With the Rejuvenator Microbubble Showerhead, you only need to go as far as your shower to benefit from it!
The Rejuvenator was really easy for my husband to install.  He unscrewed the showerhead, screwed in the Rejuvenator which also provides an adapter for our original showerhead, and screwed our other showerhead in the adapter.  Voila!  Now we have two shower sources!  You can turn one of the sources on or off, depending on personal preference.  
   I love showerinng with the Rejuvenator.  I can feel this subtle energizing effect as the microbubbles cascade down my skin. Because they are so tiny, they are penetrating into my skin, attracting impurities, carrying them to the surface and washing them away.  Much better than soap!  And all the negative ions floating around in the air are automatically improving my outlook on life!  Another way to use the showerhead is to submurge it into your tub while you are bathing.  That way you will be surrounded with the microbubbles while bathing!  I'm thinking this is just what the doctor ordered!  So, like my phone, this will probably become one of my most trusted non-human friends to help me live my crazy life more productively!
Microbubble Technology in a Shower!
Allure Magazine recently listed the Rejuvenator on their Tips n Trends page, along with a $40 discount code!  You can also get amazingly great discounts for Rejuvenator on Amazon!  

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