Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To Find These People!

Have you ever found yourself inadvertently catching a glimpse inside a picture window and seeing a scene that gives you an idea of what the people inside are all about?  I have, but in this case, I got more than a glimpse inside some people's life, I now feel like I know them. 

This may be a little late, but in my defense I really didn't know much about it until today.  About two years ago my dad was driving down a street about a mile away from his neighborhood in Sandy, UT when he saw something laying in the road.  And being the inquisitive person he is, he stopped and picked it up.  It was a camera.  So not knowing who it belonged to, seeing no one around, and not wanting it to get smashed by a car, he brought it home with him. 

He showed it to me and I didn't know what to make of it.  We looked for a name on it, or anything that might put us in touch with the owner.  We looked through a couple of pictures on the viewer but didn't recognized anyone.  It looked like typical pictures, nothing special.  I told him he might try to put it up on the Classifieds to see if someone claimed it.  He said he might do that.  Well time passed, and I didn't really hear much more about the camera.  

....until today.  I saw it laying out and apparently my Dad wants to start using it, since no one has claimed it.  Well, I'm not sure of what kind of effort was made.  It's kind of hard to find the owner to a random camera left out in the road. 

But today I actually took out the card reader and looked through the pictures, trying to get some kind of clue about the owners.  I was struck with how many pictures were actually on this camera.  A lot.   I didn't actually find who it belonged to, but I felt like I took a look into some collective lives, people who live together, who love, and who really really like to take pictures!  I felt like I got to know them a little bit.  Here's what I pieced together.

One of the two girls below may be the owner of the camera.  They seem like they are inseparable.  They are either sisters, cousins, or extremely good friends because there are tons of pictures of these two.  It seems like where one is, the other one will most certainly show up sooner or later.  And they like to goof off a whole lot.   Their last name is either Ross or Rose.

 Next we have a lady who is, in my mind, the mom.  She seems to love all the subjects of the pictures a lot. 

Then we have some children of various ages - and two in particular, a set of twins!

 Again, it seems like if one shows up,

 The other is not far behind!
They have documented birthdays and other special occasions

 It was kind of fun peeking into the lives of these
people.  I almost feel guilty, like a voyeur, but this is my effort to locate them and return a piece of their lives that cannot be captured again.  If you can piece together any kind of clue as to who these people might be, please shoot me an e-mail, a tweet, or a Facebook post.  I'll get it and we can work at returning something that is priceless.  Here are the last pictures taken on the camera in July of 2012.


Mom Knows Best said...

Maybe posting them on Facebook might get someone who knows these pictures. They are great pictures.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Thanks Tara, I did that and as of yet, no matches.

dd said...

A predicament for sure. I did enjoy the post though and also felt like I should not be viewing people's private pics!