Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Natural Ways To Treat Mature Skin!

I called my sister the other day to catch up and talk about her upcoming visit in July.  I mentioned some things I've noticed myself doing lately, like telling my husband I can only do a certain number of activities in one day, choosing and agreeing upon which ones we do.  I can’t just go, go, go until we run out of time or money.  Because before that happens, I will run out of energy.  Her response was humorous but true, “We’re getting OLD!”  She said it in a kind of disbelief, as if our mortality has sneaked up on us and we didn’t even realize it.  Of course, I’m not ready to say I’m old because of the negative connotations.   
   I believe that being mature, however, is a great compliment – things like coming to terms with life, having experience on a variety of fronts, wisdom, etc. and so forth, and so I’m going to refer to myself as
"mature"  (although I'll be the first to admit I'm like a teenager in some ways~I like to drive fast and I love Bruno Mars, for instance!).

Of course another sign of maturity is the wrinkles that come a-callin’.  I have found that there is the commercial way or the natural way to treat them.  I use a little of both.  (e-mail me and I’d love to share with you what I am currently doing!) But right now I’d like to discuss some of the benefits of natural ingredients in the care of your skin.  

Natural ingredients can be either home-grown in your garden, obtained at a health food co-op or they are sold by companies that combine and formulate natural ingredients as the sole active ingredient or in exclusive formulations. 

Here are some natural skin remedies I’ve found to be good:

1.     Cleansing with oils.  I didn’t start the Oil Cleansing Method until last year and I’m so glad I did.  When I was a teenager I cleansed with soap. When that became too drying, I used foaming cleansers until they too, became too drying, at which time, I switched to the creamy cleansers.  It wasn’t until just this last year that I started using oils and washing it off with a hot washcloth.  It leaves my skin feeling moist and not tight-feeling.  Suggested oils are Castor Oil, which is slightly drying, but the best bargain for cleansing and dissolving and it is a natural antibacterial! Mix it with other oils like avocado, apricot kernel oil or Argan oil (all excellent for mature skin).  Mix them together, for instance 1/3 part castor oil to 2/3 part any other oil.  All you do is mix them in your hand, apply to a moistened face, leave for 30 – 60 seconds, steaming optional, and remove with a hot washcloth.  Ahhh…..feels great! 

2.    Easy Natural Remedies From The Kitchen – There are so many of these, I’m sure your grandma had her own kitchen beauty secrets but here’s a few that I know: 
   Put the last bit of leftover egg white from a cracked egg under your eyes now and then and watch the wrinkles disappear.  You can soak cotton pads with buttermilk and pat it on your face.  Let it dry for 15 minutes then remove to refine your pores. Mayonnaise can be used as a mask or even a night cream to relieve dry skin!  (If you can stand the smell!)

3.    Rosehip Oil – This versatile oil has been touted by some as the next Coconut Oil!  This oil is full of viatmins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all the while reducing scars and fine lines.  Try to get cold-pressed because it has all of the unaltered nutrients.  The oil absorbs directly into the skin and one only needs a very tiny amount for it to be effective!  I use a few drops a few times a week. 

4.    Combination of ingredients – To keep up with scientific studies on natural compounds and oils, companies are constantly formulating combinations of these ingredients to make the ultimate natural beauty product.  I really like the Vitamin C Serum made by, combining Vitamin C,  Ferulic and Hyaluronic Acids (known for exfoliating and brightening skin), Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  It really does a great job for a fraction of the price you’d pay at  a department store!
  Going the natural ingredient route is a great way to know what is in your beauty products, but even with that being said, make sure that you're not getting more in them than you bargained for, such as strange preservatives.  Also please watch out for anything made in China.  I am really leery of products coming out of China because so many times, upon independent testing, toxic ingredients are found to be in those products. Not always, but be careful!
  I've had fun sharing some of my natural beauty routines. Have your own fun and find the natural ingredients that make sense for your beauty routine!


At the Fence said...

Thank you for the post. I am looking into more natural health and beauty Information.

Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance said...

Great Read!! I, too, prefer "mature"! And, I love using oils and nature's remedies whenever possible. Bookmarking your page for reference. Thank you!!
~ Theresa

Ashley @Irishred02 said...

great post and ideas. These are perfect not only for mature skin but all skin!

Unknown said...

always trying to find a way naturally take care of my skin

Grace Matthews said...

Great list. Keeping your skin in good health is so important and I think it's one of the most neglected

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

Just found your blog from the Social Media Saturday link up! Excited to be following along on Bloglovin!

kathy d said...

Thanks I enjoyed really all the info,I have been trying to use just natural oils on my face and body

dd said...

I have tried oil cleansing and love it. I need to try different oils now since it seems to work on my dry skin.