Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Box Of Treats To Brighten The Day! #MercoLocal

There's something so fun about receiving a box full of surprises in the mail. I received the following items in my Merco Local Subscription Box!  I like it because they are all local businesses from where I'm from-- Utah, with a propensity for green consciousness.  Take a look!  These are April's Products!  Every month is a variety of new products and services!  It comes gifted in a really cute box--

I got 6 items and 4 gift cards!  For $19.00 per month you can get some great swag!  Among the goodies:

 Fit Me Tea, with 3 samples and a filter.  It's loose leaf tea so actually quite a few servings!
 A $10 coupon to Rodizio Grill (love it!) and a free class pass to Downtime Yoga (also love)!

 Meals That Transform Power Bar and Protein Mix!  Just in time for my spring weight loss challenge!
 Coupons to Ballet West, Our Children's Earth and Eco Treasures!

3 Madelines from Les Madeleines and these didn't last 2 hot minutes.  They were delish!

    Some Healing Salve from Ashley's Apothecary.  Made with organic St. John'sWort, Comfrey, Calendula Flower, Olive Oil and Beeswax. 

Soap Nuts from Eco Treasures!  I've always been curious about these.  Apparently, you just throw a few in the washer (in a bag) and they will wash your clothing!  Other uses include glass and window cleaner, dish detergent, Kitchen Counter tops, Stainless Steel, Cloth Diapers, Personal care for bathing and washing.

I loved seeing what kinds of things are available in my area's local businesses.  If you live in Utah or are interested in getting a box of great products, regardless of where you live, since all of these products are available for purchase online if you happen to want more, you can use this coupon code for 25% off your order of Merco Local.
Ready for "the code"?  It's iheartutah

There are limited edition boxes available for purchase too!  If you want a really great box to ship to your mom or someone special for Mother's Day, for just $14.99 plus shipping, use the code Mom!  Oh yeah, I smell a deal! 


Julie Baswell said...

It is so much fun getting a surprise in your mailbox. I love it when I get a freebie of any kind.

Unknown said...

Love the boxes full of surprises. Nothing like opening a box that you don't know what's going to be inside.

Mom of Two said...

I didn't know that soap nuts could do so many things. I would love to try some. They have been something I have been curious about for a while.

Unknown said...

That looks like something fun to get every month. I love that you get both swag and gift cards.

Michelle F.

Mom Knows Best said...

Those look like cool goodies. I love the way the tea comes on a clip

BCallahan said...

Thats cute! I wish they had something local like that here.

Beanybopp said...

That is awesome! I like how they dont just have "things" in the box but coupons for products and businesses. Ill have to look to see if we have anything around here...we are close to Hershey so free chocolate? lol

KAPP902 said...

what an interesting box. I have recently discovered subscription boxes and like you i love getting fun stuff in the mail. Thx for this giveaway oppty...i'd like to win it b/c every gal needs... :)

Marti Tabora said...

That's really nice. I like that it contains coupons as well as the products.

Unknown said...

Would like to try your products