Monday, March 31, 2014

The Classical Stretch Retreat In Salt Lake City - How Fun Was That!!?

  It has been a week since I attended the Classical Stretch Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White in Salt Lake City.  As someone who has been a fan of Classical Stretch and the Esmonde Technique, both part of the Essentrics trademark,  I had been highly anticipating attending this workshop.  I did not go away disappointed. 
  Miranda led us through 3 exercises classes, each about an hour.  And each time she would point out to various individuals in the room what they were doing right, wrong, or what their bodies were telling them by the way they moved.  Before I started the classes, I really felt like I had a handle on the moves and would not have any problems whatsoever.  I have experienced great improvements in my physical health, (especially my back) in the two years I have done them on the dvd and t.v.  
  But I was wrong in my assumption.  Miranda immediately called me out, in her direct and forthright way, on my half-baked efforts in the side stretches, plies, and kicks.  The purpose of the exercises is to work and stretch to your maximum capacity, regardless of someone else's level. Some people, because of their individual physical level, ligament length, bone structure, inherited tendencies, weight and size only extend their stretches a little bit but will continue to improve as they do the program.  I felt like I was doing above capacity compared to many of the people there because I am naturally limber and have tried to keep up with it.  But darned if she didn't see through that and told me that I wasn't stretching to my full capacity and that I was cheating when I was doing the leg kicks and plies.  So I stretched even more, kicked higher with better posture and then I really felt it!  She also corrected me on some of my technique, especially with the kicks and lunges and my posture.  Turns out that almost all of us in the room had pretty poor posture.  When she worked with all of us, we could look around the room and take before and after mental posture pictures.  It was really amazing.  We looked like totally different people, just from the posture changes.   
Miranda after an Exercise Class
 I heard other people's stories and like me, they had improved so much.  I talked to one gal pal, who has been doing Classical Stretch for way longer than me.  Her success story was dramatic because she actually grew 1.5 inches and was shocked that she had.  She went from being 5 "2.5 to measuring  5"4 at the doctor's office.  It was crazy!  Another friend said that her back was so bad that she would be in pain every day with it.  Now she is running marathons and doing decathlons.  She won't do without Classical Stretch.
Taking a lunch break at a local eatery
   Miranda gave us a lecture called 'Aging Backwards', some facts about the body's aging process and the effects of exercise, specifically The Esmonde Technique.  It was really eye-opening and the things she told us were revolutionary in nature.  So much so that Essentrics is being further studied at The University of Toronto and other major universities for the anti-aging effects the program has vs. other forms of exercise.   It shows that the physical fitness industry is just in its infancy.  Her new book on the same subject has been picked up by Harper-Collins and will be released shortly.  I, for one, can't wait!
  She told us that for a week right after the program we should all do the exercises for 1 hour per day to cement the movements in our minds so that they won't be forgotten. I took that advice and did 3 sessions of Classical Stretch per day and let me tell you the results were pretty amazing.  I actually saw some major differences in that short amount of time.  I did nothing else other than Classical Stretch 3 times per day.  I quit going to the gym, I didn't walk or ride my bike.  I just did Classical Stretch.  And in that time, I lost 2 lbs.  That's 2 lbs. that I haven't been able to lose any other way.  Another thing I saw is that because I am now doing the stretches properly, I saw a loss of back fat.  Apparently my spine was getting compressed and shrinking.  When I learned how to do the stretches correctly, my spine was getting stretched out and going back into it's proper alignment.  Therefore the fat that had started to accumulate around the lower back area above the waist was magically disappearing.  Wow!  Super excited!  
  I feel like more people could have attended and received some great benefits.  As it was, our session was quite small and individualized.  I don't know if or when SLC will get that opportunity again.  In other states, her retreats are much better attended.  In San Francisco, they had to get a larger hall to accommodate all of the people who attended.  
 When I say that two people are going to get a great gift in receiving Classical Stretch Season 10, I am really serious!  The Classical Stretch Giveaway ends in about 3 hours.  I can't wait to see who will win!  I hope it's you!  May the Rafflecopter Gods be on your side! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like I would love this class. I've never hear of this before and I think I need to research this more. Thanks for introducing me to it.

Lisa said...

This Sounds Great & Relaxing Too That's What I Need Thank You!

Erin S said...

This sounds great! I always wonder if I am positioned right or doing a stretch to fullest and it takes someone elses eye sometimes!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I need to stretch more myself.

Michelle F.

ReviewsSheRote said...

I have never herd of these type of classes--seems like you all has a super time. Working out with a group is so much more "fun"

dd said...

I have several of Miranda's DVDs and do her program at 6am on weekdays (PBS). This retreat looks lovely.