Saturday, December 7, 2013

Good Genes....What Are They?

Recently I've heard a lot about certain women having good genes.  I've heard a lot about how, if you are thin, you have great genes and even more specifically that if you bounce back to your thin pre-pregnancy flat stomach within a week after giving birth that you have super duper great genes. So where does that leave the rest of us?  Am I to suppose that because I didn't bounce back within a week after giving birth that I have inferior genes?  Sure makes one start to wonder, with all of the bru-ha-ha going around about things like that!

I got to thinking about my own genetic make-up and my gene pool.  I've come to realize that I have amaaazing genes.  Here are some reasons why:

1.  I store fat very easily.  I can eat just a few cookies or fried potatoes or a couple of sandwiches and it will store into fat almost immediately!  This is really good because if or when times get tough, I will be able to rely on my ability to store fat to help me through those potentially rugged situations!  Plus, chubby people are now known to live longer in general than the thin ones!

2.  I have no hair on my arms.  For some reason, I was blessed with very little hair on my forearms.  They look smooth and prepubescent.  This gives me a head start when I want to look feminine and dainty. I can throw on a quarter-length sleeve and boom! Ready to roll with the superstars! What people don't have to know is that I more than make up for that lack thereof on other parts of my body.  I guess they do now!  Lol!

3..  I have thick wavy hair on my head - This is a great genetic asset!  When you have thick wavy hair, it can be teased and coaxed into just about any hairstyle known.   Sure, it may take time with the blow dryer, flat iron, and hair accessories--time I am often not willing to take, but even so, if left to itself, my hair still looks like I intentionally wanted the bed head look.  I sport the bed head look a lot!

4. My hands and feet stay warm in cold weather.  That's a big plus!  Why, you ask?  I can get out and exercise when other people head indoors for the roughly 90 days of harsh winter.  If your hands and feet are warm, the rest of you is warm, too.  Who needs hand warmers?  I AM a hand warmer!  Plus, I can always feel comfortable shaking hands with people, knowing that I won't shock them with ice cubes for hands.  That doesn't make for great first impressions!  I make great first impressions!

5.  I have A.D.D..  This is a great asset because I can be a very animated person, especially in boring, structured, almost catatonic situations.  I also succeed in diverting other people's riveted attention away from dreary monologues, lectures or discussions by constant tapping, fidgeting and shifting in my seat.  And when someone is talking directly to me and being far too boring and detailed, I have the ability to interrupt their train of thought and get straight to the point, cutting to the chase without all the stuffy details.  Sometimes the only way to do this is to interrupt someone right in the middle of a sentence and change the subject or simply walk away.  It really does the trick and keeps things interesting and fresh!

6.  I love to spend time doing nothing.  I can literally spend hours just laying on the couch, staring into space.  It's really quite an ability because while doing this I am de-stressing my body, allowing it to rejuvenate naturally without worrying about sleep or exercise.  It also detoxes my mind from any thoughts of responsibility or guilt feelings.

7.  I can be very obsessed and focused.  If I find something that I find interesting, I will literally spend hours and hours doing it, studying it, probing it, and learning about it.  For instance, when I finally got the hang of Pinterest, there was no stopping me!  I pinned until my eyes were bleary and my backside became numb.  

8.  I am refreshingly assymetrical.  I am unbalanced enough in my features to be very individual in my looks.  No one can accuse me of being a boring cookie- cutter Hollywood model type.  I was even more individual before the A.T.V. accident which smashed and cut open my nose, forcing me to get a rhinoplasty, which shortened my noticeably longer-than-average nose to a more proportionate length.  Oh least I have a bit of scarring to show for it!

I could go on and on about my amazing genes.  But I think the best genetic advantage I have is the fact that I realize that genetics are less responsible for how someone presents themselves in society than the actual effort and priority one places on individual values and beliefs.  Whatever is most important to you, is what will be evident in your life! 

I'm hoping that the values I place on God, family, country and service will definitely come through and make me exactly what I always wanted to be someday!  It's still definitely a work in progress!  What are some of your genetic strengths?


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dd said...

I think I have good genes. At least I have not inherited any major diseases!