Monday, December 16, 2013

A Weekend Full of Fights, Brawls, and Battles

This was the 2nd to last weekend before Christmas and it was such a crazy one for me.  Not because of shopping, and preparations for the holiday but because of some genuine battles.

My son was in one of his crazy MMA fights - Steelfist Fight Night 21 in SLC and that always worries me.  He gets upset at me because he says I shouldn't put out "negativity" since that is potentially bad for his game.  So I really try to be positive and upbeat about it.  

About 2 weeks before the brawl match, he was sparring with a partner and they both decided to do take-downs in opposing directions, which put a tremendous amount of pressure on his core..  E. felt a pop and some pain in his upper abs, close to his ribs.  He quit but soon noticed a large lump.  When he showed it to us, he said it had gone down considerably.  But it jutted out pretty prominantly in my own estimation.  I really thought that it looked like a hiatal hernia, but he insisted that it wasn't and that he would continue to train, but without the sparring.  He just doubled up on the cardio drills.  I was so worried that if he decided to go ahead with the match that he would risk serious injury. I did mention that his safety was paramount to anything and he assured me he was OK.  Of course he didn't want to hear much more from me after that. He went ahead with the match this past Friday...  I opted to not attend because I do get really worried and I hate to see him hit.  That whole evening I was so worried.  I was just feeling shaky and trying to get any info I could on the fight, since I wasn't there.   Since he doesn't live with us, I invited him to come over after the match and I would give him something special.  (It was his favorite Sweet Potato Casserole that he loves so much!)  I didn't care if he won or lost, I just wanted to lure him over so I could assess for myself any damage done to him.

 I didn't really expect him to take the invitation because he has his team, friends, admirers, fans, etc.  and I was right, he didn't.  But I did get the text.  It said, "Epic knockout in the first round!  Thanks for your support :)"  At first I thought that he was the one that got knocked out, but then I thought, no, he wouldn't describe it as "epic" if it was him and he certainly wouldn't have put a smiley face after the announcement.  I was ecstatic.  Not only did he win, but he won in the first round, sparing him a lot of roughing up and physical exertion.  Later that night, he called me and gave me the details. His opponent was very good and is known for his "reach" and his physical game.  They came out and the hits were hard and the guy was out for blood, but Eddie, or Ed as they call him, was able to dodge the bullets and land the fatal blow that sent him down and was able to finish it off before the refs called it.  
Now he's scheduled for the title match to win the belt for the 190 lb. weight.  That's in two months. Since I know that he is determined, I can only pray for a good outcome. And believe me, I will be praying!  

 But that wasn't the end of my weekend.  Oh no.  My own ordeal came in the form of 'Battle Of The Choirs,' as the annual Christmas Choir Program is fondly called.  We live in the Granite South Stake, which is divided up in, as near as I can tell, 8 sections or wards.  On Sunday evening, each Ward performed a Christmas choir number.  This is my first year as the choir accompanist and I didn't really know what to expect.  We performed a piece called 'Let Your Hearts Make Him Room' by Douglas Wagnor.  We were 2nd on the program.  The first choir was clearly on top of its game and aware of the nickname given to the event.  They were spectacular! Whereas prior to that performance, I was as calm as I could be, I could feel myself getting more and more nervous.  My heart started doing flip flops and I wondered about our own number.  How would we measure up to that rousing rendition?  Ours was rather calm in comparison and although melodically beautiful, certainly not showy.  But our turn came all too quickly.  From what I could hear, we did well and our director, Jeff K., who does have a PhD in Music, led us wonderfully well.  When we were through, my heart was not calming down.  I was still having some heart palpitations.  Getting in front of a crowd has never been my strong point.  

I would have loved to stay but the boys were eagerly awaiting our dinner.  We had lasagne, the sweet potato casserole that I didn't get to give E. on Friday, peas, and brownies and ice cream for dessert.  We watched some football and the finale of 'Survivor' while we ate.  Eddie gave me a compliment.  He said my piano playing was great and that the choir complemented me, since obviously the piano was the best part.  Wow, I felt like I was the winner of the night in the 'Battle of the Choirs!'  I congratulated him on a great win and was so happy to see he didn't even have a mark on his face. 

How did you spend your own weekend? Was it filled with any kind of fights, brawls or battles?  Do tell...


Mom Knows Best said...

It must be hard not to worry about your son.Keep praying, that is what we as parents can do for our kids and love them too. Congrats on him winning!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

I will definitely do that, tara, and thank you for your well wishes!

Unknown said...

Congratulations to your son. ^_^ I don’t think I can watch a live boxing match. I admire your son’s determination into this kind of sport.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Thanks Candyz! I am always amazed by his dedication and determination.

mommy Peachy said...

Shucks! Being a mom myself, I know it's hard not to worry seeing how MMA is played.