Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pampering at local Dallas Roberts Salon! Get $20 Off Here! #Utah

  I don't know if it's the Utah climate or what, but I've got really dry hair.  When I lived in Virginia, my hair was frizzy from the humidity, but dry, not so much!.  I think my hair is just a problem all the way around.  But I do know that the upcoming winter is even drier than it is in the spring, summer and fall,  That's why I need to do a deep condition from the start so that I can keep up with it.  For anyone with dry hair, I think it's a good idea to get it taken care of before winter sets in. 

I had the privilege of going to Dallas Roberts Salon in West Jordan, UT and get a deep condition, cut & style in exchange for a review.  My stylist was Becky Pederson, the senior stylist there, even though she is the youngest!  At just 21, she is years ahead of her time in terms of intuition, service, and general making you feel at home.  The decor of the establishment is so professional.  I walked in and was greeted by a big waiting area, with leather chairs and couch, beautiful flower arrangements in designer vases, and an overall feeling of casual elegance.

Becky used their great organic product line called Davines, a family-owned, award-winning international brand distributed in 70 countries for my condition and styling experience.  I absolutely loved how it left my hair feeling--totally soft and manageable.  And it will last for awhile too!

Becky, my stylist and me!
Becky was expert in the styling of my hair.  I recently had an experience at another Salon where I paid over $60 for a cut, style and condition, very similar to what I had done at Dallas Roberts.  And while I did like the products that were used on my hair, I wasn't happy with the way the stylist styled my hair.  She didn't seem like she was intuitive about styling at all and my style came out very boring, and not at all flattering.  So I'm very much of the belief that the stylist you get is so important.  Becky is one of those great stylists!

A line that is exclusive to Dallas Roberts is their make-up line called Tiffany Leigh Cosmetics. I love the acronym the name creates--TLC!  The owners, Larry and Sherri Curtis, created the line and named it after their daughter.   Both Larry and Sherri have amazing resumes in the hair and make-up industry.  Sherri Curtis is a professional, much sought after make-up artist with a Hollywood background and Larry is an author and motivational speaker as an insider in the industry. 

(The necklace I was wearing in the video is one I got from Mintgem Jewelry on Etsy.  Cute, eh?)

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