Saturday, October 19, 2013

Artistic Ways To Make Fall Gourds Into Works Of Art!

Last week I had some time to kill, a rare occurrence, and I found myself at the local Library. I have always been enamored with the beautiful restoration of the old BYU Academy Square, formerly falling into disrepair, now restored to it's old luster and even better! As I walked up the stairs of the renovated Provo Library I was struck by the open spaciousness rendered by the very high ceilings and light coming through the large windows. There are offices and meeting halls here and a small art museum called the Anderson Art Gallery that houses portable art displays. 

photo credit - Bill Wolverton
 This is Fall and in the display area was a collection that I had not seen before. Gourds of all shapes and sizes made into beautiful pieces of art! I was enthralled that things that are grown and harvested in the Fall can be transformed into such beautiful art! The artist is Marilyn Sunderland and she has been doing this for several years now.  She presented one of her beautiful gourds to our Governor and also one to George W. Bush. I would be so honored if I were able to have one of these beautiful pieces in my own home. But they are extremely pricey and I would have to save quite a good while for one of these beauties. I took a few pictures with my phone.  Aren't they gorgeous? Here's to Fall and the beautiful things it renders! In this case, GOURDS!

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