Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moose or Meese? Vanish Disc Golf #Giveaway

The other day saw me for the first time at Solitude Ski Resort, not biking or skiing, but playing the disc golf course there.  It is set in the pristine mountains far above Salt Lake City and I marveled at the beautiful sights.  At one point, as we were playing, a momma moose and her calf came within close range of the hole we were playing.  I took this video of it.

As you know, I play a fair amount of disc golf with my husband and I like it for the exercise and the fact that it is something we love to do together.  And as in all sports, you need to be dressed for it!  We like a company called Vanish Clothing, LLC.  Right now they have a great line of shirts that fit the disc golf player or fan.  Even if you don't know what the sport is, these shirts are great!  They are made from really soft cotton and are nice and form-fitting, to the point that you might need to up a size if you don't like the body-conscious look in a tee shirt.  I usually wear a medium, but opted to get a large and it fits great!

A lucky GAL NEEDS...reader can get one of these great shirts sent to them by 1) leaving a pertinent comment below and 2) by giving some comment love to Vanish Disc Golf, LLC. and liking their page! (See link above)  We will choose a winner on August 15 with Random.org!

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