Thursday, May 9, 2013

Job Alternatives That Pay Handsomely

I am a trivia collector who loves little bits of useless trivia that could at some point become useful, provided the situation or opportunity comes up.  I guess you could say I'm actually a trivia hoarder.  But seriously, how do those winners on Jeopardy do it?  They are trivia junkies to the max and they retain the uselessful facts very well

For your trivia pleasure, here are some strange jobs that pay really big!  Think about it, if you have a talent in any one of these areas, you could make big money.  That could mean holding you over during a hard time, keeping you motivated in life, using that unusual skill that you've developed or obtaining that extra something that you've always wanted!  So pay attention - 

1)  Shot Girl - That is the one who prepares test tube sized shots of tequila and Jello.  They are paid 25 cents per shot that they sell, plus tips.  That could translate into $300 to $600 per night.

2)  Diver - Are you good at diving?  A pearl diver will make $500 per day and above in America.  It does come with risks, however!  And a deep sea oil and gas diver will earn you around $80,000 per year. 

3) Submarine Cook - Also related to the deep sea, this position is considered to be invaluable to the navy.  In Austrailia you could earn $200,000 per year.  You just need 6 years of cooking on the sea to be considered.

4) Lipstick Reader - This woman will read lip prints at teas and parties.  They tell about the personalities and future prospects of their subjects.  Earnings are $25 to $50 per hour!

5) Voice-Over Work - Just 5 minutes of dubbing audio for audios or commercials could bring in $500.  Even novices can make up to $80,000 per year!

6) Human Statue - This job has been around forever and is still really popular at theme parks and promotional events.  You could make $25 to $200 per hour!  Required:  You must be able to hold still for long periods of time!

7)  Human Scarecrow - Help out a farmer, make $10 to $15 an hour!  Very strange! 

8) Survey Group Participant - You will be a part of an offline group and required to give your opinion on products and services.  As such, you could make between $40 and $100 per hour.  In the same category would be a mystery shopper, who could make $100 on one assignment!  

9)  Movie or T.V. Extra - Hob nob with your favorite star as an extra and get paid $200 per day.  Sometimes the conditions can be a little extreme, i.e. standing around in hot or cold rooms and sets.  

10) Crime Scene Cleaner - Obviously not always a savory kind of job, but you could start at $35,000 and end up with a 6-figure income! 

11) T.V. Watcher - Wow, I could excel at this one, I think!  One watches T.V. to provide ratings or write subtitles.  Starting salary?  $25,000.  

12)  Waterslide Tester - Get a great salary and travel to fun locations too!  Must love to frolic in water!

Wow, some of these jobs seem to need special skills obtained through other modes of employment or recreation.  But some of them come quite naturally for me.  I believe I have a special talent for giving my opinion, shopping and watching T.V.  I might have to check these out!  

Also, because of my love of trivia, expect to see more posts like this!  A GAL NEEDS...mindless trivia to fill her mind because one never knows when she'll need it!

Disclaimer:  This post was written for fun - no compensation received.  
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Nicole Q. said...

Lipstick reader? You've got to be kidding me! Some of those are just crazy. :)

Aury said...

I've been thinking about becoming a TV extra lately. I DO live right beside Miami. I think my looks have been let go a little since I had my two kids... so I'm not exactly hot-party-girl material for CSI anymore... but maybe they need someone to play the tired mom of a delinquent. I think I have enough wrinkles by now to do that, hahaha.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

@Nicole Q I know, right? Crazy! I'd never even heard of that!
@Alicia Figueroa - Lucky you, nice place to live beside. Your picture says that you could do way better than play tired mom to a delinquent! Ha Ha!

lsmoore49 said...

I never heard of some of these, like Lipstick reader or Waterslide tester. lol I could not stomach being a Crime Scene cleaner.. yuck.. lol Some sound interesting though. :)

A GAL NEEDS... said...

@Ismoore49 - Isn't trivia wonderful? The things you wouldn't have known otherwise!