Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Shipping on Diaper Purchases At Target!

For a limited time, Target is offering free shipping on all online diaper purchases of $50 or more.  That means your favorite brands like Pampers, Huggies and Up and Up!  Plus they are having some great price cut-backs on those same brands!  That translates into some great savings!  For instance, Pampers Baby Dry XL Pack, Normally $47.19 is now on sale for $44.99!  Just check the links because there are tons more deals!

Exclusions:  No coupons or other discounts may be used when purchasing baby diapers, baby toiletries, baby food & formula.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Warm Weather Indicators!

As I was walking to an event the other day, I saw this cute dog, the owner nowhere in site, patiently waiting, not bothering anyone and looking so cute on this Gold Wing.  If anything told me that warm weather has arrived, it was this, 'cause who takes a dog for a ride on a Gold Wing in the winter?  Come to think of it, not many people take their dogs out on a Gold Wing most any time, but still, so cute!

 And then I got to thinking about other signs that tell me that warm weather has indeed come at last! These are some that come to mind:

  • When I see Michelle Obama now wearing sleeveless tops.
  • When I see the neighborhood Snow Cone stand going up.
  • When the barbecue grills start wafting their appetizing aromas around the neighborhood.
  • When I wake up at 6:30 to the sound of very loud birds.
  • The hoodies and coats have finally disappeared!
  • The tulips and flowers are in full bloom. (Actually now, most tulips have already disappeared)
  • The ice cream truck is out, playing that annoying song over and over again.
  • Allergies abound.
  • Bugs are starting to come out, a foreshadowing of more bugs to come.
  • My local nursery has their annual "pot" party, where I get free soil for any pot I bring and put a plant in.
  • Pastel colors are in full swing.
  • Bathing Suit shopping begins in earnest.
  • Moms and babies are out walking with their strollers.
 Now did I miss anything? 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ko Denmark Body Oil #Giveawy! (ARV $42)

 I just hosted a review & giveaway for the jasmine + neroli roll-on perfume by KoDenmark.  Now I have the privilege of reviewing the matching jasmine neroli rose body oil.   I’ve reviewed one other fine body oil on this blog, and I really enjoyed it, at the time.  No complaints, whatsoever!  But I must say that Ko Denmark’s body oil has the other one beat.   It smells so good, is easier to apply, absorbs better and the benefits are longer lasting.   And yes, it is a little more expensive than the other one.  But obviously, it’s a case of the finer ingredients costing a bit more, and the quality will be worth it.  I also love the fact that the jasmine neroli rose perfume can be layered with the body oil to make you smell absolutely delicious!  (And no, I am not going to say which other body oil I’m comparing it to.  There is always the ‘Search’ tool  on my sidebar if you really want to know!)

The distinctive scent of this Jasmine+Neroli+Rose perfume and body oil has gained some notoriety in Seattle, where Ko Denmark was established by Henriette Holst!

"Men have stopped customers on the street to tell them they smell good! In Seattle, that says a lot, because men don't really approach women here"
Amanda R (owner La Rousse boutique )
Seattle, Washington
Once you are acquainted with the one-of-a-kind scent that this body oil has, along with the perfume, you won’t want to wear anything else.  In addition to the Jasmine, neroli (orange blossom) and rose, the body oil also contains nourishing oils including apricot kernel oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e and others.  I think you could almost use it as a cooking oil.  (But please don’t…)
As always, there are never parabens, perfume, sulfates, mineral oil or artificial colors in Ko Denmark products.  It is vegan certified!
Ko Denmark body oil can be used on damp skin after a bath or shower. It can also be used for massage. The oil locks in moisture and leaves skin looking and feeling great.  
You can purchase Ko Denmark products on several online sites, as well as on Ko Denmark's home site!
     I have a bottle of the body oil ($42 ARV) for one lucky Gal Pal!  Please enter on the Rafflecopter Form below.  If you don't see it, please click 'Read More' at the end of this post!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Revital #Hair Treatment by Urielle #Review

When I was recently asked to do a review on a hair product, I gave some specifications.  First of all, I love all things natural.  If I have to choose between something natural and artificial, regardless of the accolades, I will pick natural every time.  It's just how I roll!  But I am not obsessive about it either.  If something is effective w/o being totally natural, I'll weigh the benefits vs. the risks because, obviously, I want results from the products I use.  But enough about me.  Let me introduce Revital by Urielle!
Designed to be used in all keratin and color-treated hair, this treatment is the first in a new line of amazing luxury hair care products, created by and named for the owner of the renowned New York Salon, The Red Chair, Uriel Yusopov.  He has gained a wild and loyal following of women from the upper East Side and far beyond.  Uriel grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia and is descended from a long line of hair masters.  He learned his techniques and eye for hair early at the feet of his grandmother, who was an award winning wig master for the renowned Bolshoi Ballet and his grandfather, who was one of St. Petersburg's most famous hair stylists, who catered to aristocrats and thespians, alike.  So the art of hair is really in his blood.  

I was impressed with just how light and weightless this treatment went into my hair.  Unlike other leave-in treatments, this oil didn't make my hair feel oily at all, even when I hadn't washed my hair in a few days.  I feel like my hair just absorbs this potion, with one of the main ingredients being Manuka Honey of New Zealand! This honey is special because it contains more healing and beneficial properties than any honey in the world.  It is combined with highly nutritional oils and beneficial extracts.  So you can apply it when your hair is damp after washing or you can apply it on dry hair.  Either way your hair will greatly benefit.  

My hair has a plethora of problems.  It dries naturally into a curly, thick, frizzy, hot mess.  So I need to blow-dry it to death and use a lot of hair-taming products.  At least that's how I've done it in the past.  And yes, I lean toward the natural hair care products.  Free from parabens, sulfates,  propylane, glycol and synthetic colors or dyes, I think it's safe for me to say that this line can qualify for my definition of natural.  At any rate, Revital seems to be different than all of the other products I've used.  And it really works well!  I put just a little bit through my damp hair after it has been washed and then I put in a little bit before styling, after styling--basically, I put Revital in my hair whenever I think about it.  No residues seem to build up and no oiliness either. I'm very pleased with the product, to say the least.  From my very first blow dry using it, I could tell a big difference.  I think that if you're a mom who would like to have a very special gift for Mother's Day or any other occasion, this would be a great one!  Remember when I said that I prefer natural but I also want effectiveness?  I believe I found the best of both in this amazing product.  It's both natural and very effective!  It is worth every penny.
I only wish I could meet Uriel Yusopov in person to thank him for making such a wonderful hair product!  

For more information or where to buy, go to!
Also, stay tuned for my Mother's Day Giveaway here on May 1st in associaion with Makobi Scribe Mother's Day GIveaway Event!
One lucky Gal Pal will be able to win the same 3.8 fluid oz bottle of Revital that I got to try! 
You can like Urielle on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get ready for the extra entries that will be available during the giveway!   See you there!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Roll-Up Ballerina Flats by Konvine {Review and #Giveaway}

Hey gal pals, I got to try out the most comfortable and cute ballerina-type slipper!  They are called Konvines. Now you need to know, first of all, that I’m not a flats kind of girl.  I either wear flip-flops or  tennis shoes on a functional level or something with a heel.  I am 5”4 ½  and I want to be taller.  I have felt in the past that flats make me look short and stumpy.  So these are the first flats I’ve tried and liked.  Guess what!  I may have become converted!  I put them on and they were so comfortable, plus the design I chose was so fun.  Normally I think flats are kinda boring, but these are just fun!  What do you think?  

Something that hadn’t occurred to me is that often you want a pair of shoes to slip into other than the pair you are wearing.  And you want them to be easy to take along, not a big inconvenience.  For instance,
  • After a big night out - when you've had enough of those painful, yet stylish shoes!
  • When travelling to work - running shoes are not only cumbersome, but are not too attractive with business attire.
  • Airplane travel slippers - our comfortable shoes are the perfect fit for your handbag & can simply be unfolded when you are ready to relax during the ride.
  • Around the office - Everyone likes to be comfortable at their desk but still need to be presentable if you need to speak to other workers, clients or the boss. Our foldable shoes will fit right in your office drawer or handbag and can be a great alternative to wearing your heels.
  • Wedding Shoes - Every bride says the same thing, "Why did I buy those heels. And I never knew smiling could hurt". But after hours or walking around on your stilts and smiling nonstop, you'll thank yourself for being so smart by buying Konvine's White Wedding Shoes.
These slippers can roll up to be very compact, so they can fit into a purse, glovebox, drawer or locker.  You can keep a pair at work, school, and take a pair with you to a soccer game or anywhere else.  The motto for Konvine is ‘Life Has To Be Good’, and having a convenient, cute pair of shoes to slip in sure helps make it that way. 
Konvine foldable ballet flats are not disposable & will last you well in to the future, unlike some of the other foldable shoes that are available on the market.  I hear from many women that they are not slaves to their heels, and much prefer flip-flops. But they all have to wear the stillettos once in a while - and carrying around several different pairs of shoes for one event is just ridiculous. Our shoes are rugged enough to walk anywhere. The sole is made of a study base so your shoes will last for years to come.”

 I loved the G.I. Jane shoe with the skull.  When I wore these to Independence High, where I work, I got a ton of compliments from the students, the most enthusiastic endorsements were from the boys!  They liked the skull, for sure!  I guess I could have gone with the peace sign but I’ve really wanted to have something with the skull and crossbones.  I was happy with my choice.   I guess it is true that where you spend your time is what influences you in your fashion choices.
You can buy a pair of Konvines here!
Konvine was nice to offer a reader one of their cute, roll-up, take anywhere shoes!  The giveaway will last through May 10th, so hurry and get in your entries and best of luck! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

SassySteals Satchel and Make-up Bag Review and #Giveaway

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2nd day at the Utah Valley Women’s Expo.  I didn’t stay as long as I did yesterday because I had a bridal shower to attend.  But today I met someone ever so talented!  As I was walking around the Expo, I noticed a booth that was crowded around with Moms and daughters.  
It was hard to see what was so interesting.  After it cleared out a little, I saw what it was.  The booth was full of super cute items and the owner was there helping everyone with their purchases.  Her name is Tori and she owns an online business called Sassy Steals!  I loved how approachable, helpful and genuine she was.  Sassy Steals is a wholesale whimsical boutique, goodies and crafts club that features vendors from around the nation and sells selected items at amazing prices.  Many of these items are only available on the site and only for a limited time.  Other items are on-going and supplied by the various vendors.  Tori is a very talented woman and previously owned her own Etsy shop!   She took what she learned and created for vendors who want an easier way to market their products. Something that adds even more appeal is the fact that there is a giveaway every single Friday!  Everything is US made. And it is getting a lot of attention!  Last giveaway there were well over 900 entries! 

As I mentioned, Tori was vending at the Women’s Expo today and she offered to let me pick out a couple of items to review for Sassy Steals, which I gladly did.  I picked a polka dot theme.  I chose the cutest make-up tote.  It has a mirror inside and comes with a strap for traveling. I hope my  photo of the make-up tote does it justice, 'cause it's adorable.  I also picked one of the really popular polka dot 4-compartment satchels (also seen above), which is so cute for your favorite girly-girl--could that even be you? 

Sassy Steals brings you Daily Boutique Deals and Daily Handmade Deals + Weekly Giveaways. If you'd like to be featured, e-mail us at”

Someone is going to win both of the items I got!  So get your polka dot on and enter this fun giveaway!  Ends 5/8/12!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Utah Valley Women's Expo

I attended the Utah Valley Women’s Expo today, one of two days of fun for women of all ages.  It happens twice a year and is attended by over 12,000 women.  

I’ve been going, now, for about 3 years and The Expo has been going strong for seven years.  Each time I’ve attended, I’ve come away with something new and fun.  One year it was some amazing sauces, the next time it was a great deal on clothes, another year it was some really cute headbands and a  weight loss product, and another year it was a $5 manicure that I took advantage of. 
Today I did a quick walk through the arena with the intention of going back again tomorrow for a more in-depth look and some time to think about what I actually need.  After all, I am the writer for A GAL NEEDS…so it behooves me to look for things I need, although I suspect strong wants might also qualify!
For instance I was really impressed with the ‘Body Wrap Me’ booth.  This is a way to help you spot reduce for a big night out or just a detox to help you see great results as you go for permanent weight loss.  It’s the Ultimate Body Applicator and it tightens, tones and firms your body to help you look years younger.  It also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.  It sounds like the perfect thing to do for a special occasion or go on a cruise! 
The girls were so sweet and I just had to get a picture of them and their booth.  They have some really great deals and it’s available in a party plan.  

The 'Body Wrap Me' Girls!

 I also visited ‘Stephanie’s Basement’ an affordable clothing boutique,  the ‘VelvetPepper’, with beautiful designer bags, ‘Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils’, and ‘Perfectly Posh’ pure pampering  products.  These were some of the booths that immediately caught my eye because of what I am interested in, but there were so many other venues and areas of interest that anyone who goes would find something for them. 
 I was particularly excited to find the ‘HCG X-90’ booth.  It’s a fat loss product that is totally different.   It is different in that there are no pills, no chemicals, no shots, no doctors, no surgery and it is FDA compliant. You will hear more about this product and my journey with it this summer!
 If you get a chance, you should try to come to the Expo!  Come either tomorrow or make plans to attend this next Fall, but do come!  I guarantee, it will be worth your while.  Free tickets are available about a month or so before the event at sponsor locations!  I will try to chronicle my time there when I go tomorrow as well!  Until then, make sure you get all of what you NEED and some of what you want as well!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post in any way

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PrintRunner Postcards #Giveaway

I’m always so impressed with companies and their start-up stories.  What makes one company successful and another one to fail?  It is amazing to hear how they start from little back office businesses, growing and prospering, driven by the great free enterprise system that is part of our U.S. legacy.  Here is one of those stories:
" was established with little more than a small press and a dream. Ten years later our company became one of the foremost quality printers in Southern California. Our commitment to provide the best value and high quality full color printing at affordable price made our company grow.  PrintRunner is a full service high quality printing company located in Chatsworth, California." -PrintRunner 

PrintRunner offers a number of amazing services from postcards to business cards, banners, calendars, greeting cards, and more!  If you have a business or service, these printing services are amazing marketing tools, but even if you just want to have a little more style in your  personal communications, this is a great place to go.
I realize that there are plenty of other places to print online, a few of which I have used myself.  I think, however, that some the advantages of PrintRunner are:  versatility, convenience and pricing.  It’s  easy to create your own business cards, invitations or postcards with their online postcard printing. You can either download your own images or choose from a massive data base of ready-made designs. 
Today PrintRunner is offering someone a chance to experience their excellent product and service for free.  This giveway is open to U.S. residents and ends on 4/26/12 at 9 pm MST
Prize:  5×7 Postcards (100 ct) Free Offer Thanks to PrintRunner!  More Details:
  • Postcards
  • Size:  5×7
  • Quantity: 100
  • Colors: 4/0 Front Only Printing
  • Paper: 14 PT. UV Coating on Front
  • Rounded Corners: Yes
  • Proof: None
  • Ready to Ship In: 4 Business Days
*Limit (1) PrintRunner Giveaway Prize Per 6-Months Per Person