Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Loyal Dog

As some of you know, I have a Border Collie  named Evee.  We picked her up at 10 months for $50 because her temperament was getting to be too much to manage for the family she lived with.  She is an extreme herder and so nothing was off-limits for her.  She chased cars, ATVs, joggers, other dogs, children, and attempted to herd them by barking at them and running them down.  Being their first dog, this was absolutely too much to deal with, so they gave her up for $50.  Best purchase we ever made!  We've had her now for almost 3 years.  She is now an expert frisbee catcher, a wonderful walking companion, an excellent guard dog and a faithful companion.  Yes. she is still a bit rambunctious with the herding instinct, but if she gets a walk for 30-60 minutes a day, she is very manageable.  I have been known to say that a dog like Evee is the best way to beat depression.  Taking her on daily walks is like a dose of Paxil or something akin.  It's great!

CBS ran a story that was so heartwarming.  It was about Ashapoo the family dog, also a border collie, who decided he needed to stay glued to Peyton, the 2-year-old grandson of Ashapoo's owner.  I can just see it, the little boy running around and Ashapoo following right after him, guarding him.  When Peyton wandered away while his grandfather had his back turned for a minute, he already had a built in protector, in Ashapoo. 

4 1/2 hours later, they found Peyton curled up asleep in a barn.  How did they find him?  Ashapoo approached the search team and ran away barking toward the barn, leading them to the child.  He had been with him the whole time, just watching him and making sure he was OK.  When I hear stories like this, I give Evee an extra treat and an extra pat.  I have to wonder how my life would be without her.  
Ashapoo, the hero


Vicki Neulinger said...

Sweet story!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful story. There isn't much that beats the love and loyalty of a good dog! I can't wait to live somewhere other than my tiny apartment so I can have pets again.

lorialcorn2006 said...

Really lovely story I recently lost my dog I miss her very much