Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Back On Track

I'm dipping my big toe into the water again. I've re-located to another city, but same state.  We did it the hard way, borrowing two different friends' vehicles at two different times and an open trailer to haul away the 12-year accumulation of possessions we had.  I'm not quite qualified to audition for 'Hoarders' yet, but there was certainly a healthy accumulation of items. We had some help to move several things but most of it was accomplished by myself and my husband. We hauled so much stuff to the local thrift shop here and another big trailer full of random stuff to the dump or 'Transfer Station' as it is called.  I'd never done that before and my gosh, it was gross. For a fee, the trash that is dumped there is loaded onto trucks and taken to the land fill somewhere else.  The smell was horrible and my favorite tennis shoes stunk afterwards because we had to off-load the junk ourselves and the ground where we had to step was filthy.  But it was quite interesting and those shoes will be fine after a good washing. I think everyone should have the chance to see what it's like at the dump.  I feel the same way about Greyhound bus trips.  Everyone should do it just once for the experience!
So after 2 weeks, I'm back again.  But why is it so hard to get back into something after you've been away for awhile?  I seem to have that problem here and I figure I will start writing something, just so I can say I'm doing it.  I have had such a great experience blogging about the things I blog about.  However, I don't follow some of the rules that are recommended to be a successful blogger.  To me, it's the consistency that counts.  For instance, I have yet to enter my blog into 'Picket Fence' or 'Top Mommy Blogs.' , therefore you don't see me asking for your vote on those sites.  Mistake?  Maybe.  But I am so happy to not have to look at those sites and monitor yet another influence tracker.  Another thing I've sadly neglected to do is register on Alexa.  Now I know that is a huge no-no, and even the fact that I'm admitting it here may hurt me.  And it took me forever to get myself a page on Facebook.  I knew I probably would do a terrible job at updating it, because my love affair with Facebook waned long ago and it turned out to be true, I'm horrible at updating.  But I do check in on Twitter more regularly, and some other influence sites, just because I know I should.  But it sure eats into my time doing the thing I like and think is the most productive, and that is blogging or writing. 
I know that to be a good brand ambassador one needs to do other things regularly that don't include writing.  You need to put yourself out there as much as possible so companies will see your blog as one that can be counted on to put out an article when you say you'll do it.  And I do apologize to the couple of companies that I flaked out on because of this move.  I will get your reviews up as soon as I possibly can, say by the end of next week? 
I think a lot of bloggers are so much better than I am, but the trap they fall into is that they feel like they have to do all the things that everyone else seems to be doing so that they will be highly rated.  That starts to feel like a lot of pressure!  And who needs pressure? Everyone has times when they can't be at their computer much at all. Remember, you're not chained to it! 
It's liberating to know that you can choose which social networking sites you  particularly like and are interested in and the others can wait until another time.  I think that the thing I need to do and love to do is to write and be consistent with it.  Now why am I saying this now, after a 2-week hiatus?  Because I am actually scared of blogging again.  It's like I have lost my edge and don't feel like I can sharpen it again.  But I know I want to and it's like getting back on the horse.  Once I start up again, it'll come back!   

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Greg said...

Before you know it, you'll be making that horse do handstands. Your the best!