Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Interesting Designer Duo In the Fashion World

New York Fashion Week 2010
     Sometimes I admit I don't get the whole high fashion circuit. I don't understand, for instance, why designers have to have uber thin models to display their creations or why they have to dress these models so amazingly freakish. Do the models need to be thin so that the clothing is the focus and not the curves on the model? Do they dress them like they are on another planet in the hopes that something in their fashion creation will be remembered and then take flight in more population-friendly creations? Whatever it is that drives the fashion world, somehow it does manage to trickle down to the department stores and into closets around the nation.
      Usually when I browse the fashion shots from a show, I like maybe 10% of what I see or at least I can visualize it on me or someone like me on the street. Just when I think I am liking a designer like Vera Wang, Nicole Miller or Hilfigger, they come out with a totally quixotic creation, which makes me wonder just what they were doing when they got their inspiration. I know that lately the news has been talking about certain politicians being "out-of-touch" with the American population, but I think fashion designers can be every bit as much removed from the general rank and file and even more so!
      But I found a very hopeful designer couple, Sachin + Babi, who has used restraint in their recent collections and who are very popular with younger women, average age 25. I also like that these are ready-to-wear fashions and can be bought off the rack. I thought I'd post a few of their outfits just to make a note of it. I hope that New York will be seeing a lot more of them in the coming years. Sachin + Babi Ankasa are married and they made their debut in 2007 and staged their first runway show this last February. I look at their 2010 collection and can see their influence now in 2012! (Here's hoping they stay married for awhile!)
Fall 2011

Resort 2012
Fall 2012
 My favorite collections are their Resort Collections because they have more color in them and I love color!  'Resort 2013' is their latest collection to date!  Enjoy them below!

You can purchase Sachin + Babi Clothing at
 Polyvore, Nieman Marcus, and other fine stores!
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