Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here's Wishing Rafa Good Luck!

I'm a die-hard Rafael Nadal fan. He stands to win his 7th French Open Title, putting him ahead of all others! Right now he is tied with Bjorn Borg for 6 French Open wins! So tomorrow is his big day against the great Novac Djokovic, who may just be known as the greatest tennis player yet! It's so hard to believe that they keep besting each other. Roger Federer is just an incredible tennis machine, as is Rafael Nadal. It's just that he is so endearing and humble, with his cute Spanish accent. I just want to see him win at least one more French! So here are my positive vibes going out to him, before the match! Sorry I couldn't be there, but I'll be right there on my couch, crossing my fingers and watching with bated breath! My excuse for putting up some pics here!
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