Friday, June 8, 2012

#Giveaway - Celebrate Yourself and Your Brand - $50 #Giftcard

I spend a lot of time out in my car!  What better place to be celebrating my fabulous blog?  (OK, maybe just to me, but hey, others may also want what I've got!)  So effortless, so effective!  In this day and age where people are seeing and hearing promotional blathering absolutely everywhere, I figure I might as well add to the cacophony by advertising myself!  I'm visualizing it now. As I pull up into my local Sonic to get in on the 2 for 1 drink deal, the mom in the car next to me looks over and sees my cool sign.  She thinks to herself, does a gal really need Reviews and Giveaways?  Hmmmm....maybe I'll check it out!  Now I'm helping the whole lot of review bloggers.  She looks up my site, sees that it is fairly good, but then she starts looking up other Review and Giveaway blogs and decides to totally get into the whole thing while she plays the waiting game for her daughter at dance lessons, her son at rugby and her youngest at scouts. (She's got a laptop!)  Bam!  Another person that bloggers will be able to influence!  Yes!!  That's the name of the game!  By small things, come great things!  Am I reaching here?  I don't know...maybe, but I AM pretty pleased with my new car door magnet from MagnetsOnTheCheap!

My biggest dilemma, since I only got 1 sign, is whether I should put it on the rear door or on the driver's door?  I've pretty much decided that I want it on the driver's side so that, if for any reason, I want to remove it, I won't have to walk ALL the way around the car to do that.  I know, I should really burn a calorie, but I'd prefer to walk my dog  instead for that! 
Sorry, can't see the printing, totally my camera's fault!
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 It's really easy to make your own sign!  Just go to the site, decide what size of sign you'd like (I got the 9x12, for small cars), how many you want, and start designing.  You can download your own design or go for a professionally done pre-fab design (Mine was pre-fab). The possibilities are endless.  It's like a business card, for the side of your car!  They also have 2 sister sites, and
Magnets On The Cheap would like to give a $50 Gift Code to one of my Gal Pals!  That's enough for a sign or two of your own!  (You must be following my blog in some way to enter)  Choose a way below to follow A GAL NEEDS...and enter the Rafflecopter Form below!  It's easy!  Good luck!
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Lisa said...

Funny I was just thinking about this last night as one of our neighbors has one for her online business. Very nice!

Lisa said...

PS, I like it on the side door. Our neighbor has her's on the back of the car, but it's a SUV.

jojlem said...

The 12x24 would work great on our vehicle, thanks!

Michigan_Mom said...

I'd like the 12" X 18" because I have a mini-van so I think that would be the perfect size without being too big :)

Kelly Burroughs Crowell - kjb1977 at live dot com

Michigan_Mom said...

You should put it on your drivers side door because it is the door that faces opposing traffic making it much more visible to people on the road :)

Kelly Burroughs Crowell - kjb1977 at live dot com

Michigan_Mom said...

I'm also following you via:

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Thanks again,
Kelly Burroughs Crowell - kjb1977 at live dot com