Saturday, April 28, 2012

Revital #Hair Treatment by Urielle #Review

When I was recently asked to do a review on a hair product, I gave some specifications.  First of all, I love all things natural.  If I have to choose between something natural and artificial, regardless of the accolades, I will pick natural every time.  It's just how I roll!  But I am not obsessive about it either.  If something is effective w/o being totally natural, I'll weigh the benefits vs. the risks because, obviously, I want results from the products I use.  But enough about me.  Let me introduce Revital by Urielle!
Designed to be used in all keratin and color-treated hair, this treatment is the first in a new line of amazing luxury hair care products, created by and named for the owner of the renowned New York Salon, The Red Chair, Uriel Yusopov.  He has gained a wild and loyal following of women from the upper East Side and far beyond.  Uriel grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia and is descended from a long line of hair masters.  He learned his techniques and eye for hair early at the feet of his grandmother, who was an award winning wig master for the renowned Bolshoi Ballet and his grandfather, who was one of St. Petersburg's most famous hair stylists, who catered to aristocrats and thespians, alike.  So the art of hair is really in his blood.  

I was impressed with just how light and weightless this treatment went into my hair.  Unlike other leave-in treatments, this oil didn't make my hair feel oily at all, even when I hadn't washed my hair in a few days.  I feel like my hair just absorbs this potion, with one of the main ingredients being Manuka Honey of New Zealand! This honey is special because it contains more healing and beneficial properties than any honey in the world.  It is combined with highly nutritional oils and beneficial extracts.  So you can apply it when your hair is damp after washing or you can apply it on dry hair.  Either way your hair will greatly benefit.  

My hair has a plethora of problems.  It dries naturally into a curly, thick, frizzy, hot mess.  So I need to blow-dry it to death and use a lot of hair-taming products.  At least that's how I've done it in the past.  And yes, I lean toward the natural hair care products.  Free from parabens, sulfates,  propylane, glycol and synthetic colors or dyes, I think it's safe for me to say that this line can qualify for my definition of natural.  At any rate, Revital seems to be different than all of the other products I've used.  And it really works well!  I put just a little bit through my damp hair after it has been washed and then I put in a little bit before styling, after styling--basically, I put Revital in my hair whenever I think about it.  No residues seem to build up and no oiliness either. I'm very pleased with the product, to say the least.  From my very first blow dry using it, I could tell a big difference.  I think that if you're a mom who would like to have a very special gift for Mother's Day or any other occasion, this would be a great one!  Remember when I said that I prefer natural but I also want effectiveness?  I believe I found the best of both in this amazing product.  It's both natural and very effective!  It is worth every penny.
I only wish I could meet Uriel Yusopov in person to thank him for making such a wonderful hair product!  

For more information or where to buy, go to!
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