Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tips On How To Recruit For Your Favorite Presidential Nominee

I've been volunteering at the campaign office of my favorite Presidential Nominee for awhile now.  It's just that I feel that this election is such a crucial election for our country and so many things are on the line.  No matter who gets the Presidency, it won't be easy for us.  It's gone too far downhill for that.  But maybe, just maybe, our country will be able to have a chance at gaining back some ground after all that we have lost.  I really don't want to live in a European Socialist State.  I really like Capitalism and I love Freedom.  Here are a few things I have learned since volunteering at Mitt Romney For President.  If you'd like to join me, please feel free.  It's fun and it's a great feeling to know that you're helping your country. 

1.  Maintain a calm tone and demeanor, even though people are yelling at you that you are the millionth caller for the elections, and that they are NOT going to vote for your candidate simply because you are calling.  Statistics show that those calls do make a difference and in all probability, those same people yelling at you will end up voting for your candidate just because of name recognition alone.

2.  If they are polite, thank them profusely!  

3.  If they say that they will be voting, thank them profusely, regardless of who they are voting for.

4.  Scripts are there for those who are unsure.  If you know that something you are doing works well, do it.   

5.  If they say they are undecided, ask them to give your candidate a 2nd look and give them ONE specific reason why.

6.  Give them some validation as an individual for doing the right thing (especially if they switch their vote to your candidate). I tell them that the campaign loves and appreciates them for their support. People seem to appreciate that so much!  I've had people tell me that they were changing their minds just because I said that.  People love to matter.

7.  Don't say anything if it isn't sincere.  People can tell if you're for real.

8.  Have a light-hearted approach to your calls.  Let folks know that you enjoy talking to them.  If you are calling into different states, let them know how it is in your state!

9.  Be aware that time is important.  Sometimes you get people who want to get in a spirited debate about politics and how the country is going to hell in a hand basket.  Try to keep moving because it's your job to reach as many voters as possible in the time you have. 

10.  Always try to get in a mention of who you are campaigning for, even if it's only a "this call was paid for by Mitt Romney For President!"


how to get rid of menopause said...

I've been volunteering at the campaign office of my favorite Presidential Nominee for awhile now.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

That's awesome! Our political process needs us. Even if your contribution is simply to attend your local Caucus or Primary, that is great! Attendance at these events has been going down in recent years. I understand that everyone is more and more rushed and pressed for time. But if we want to save our political process and keep this country great, we have to do our part by participating!