Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Determined To Stay Well This Year!

The Flu Bug
I haven't heard a whole lot this year about pandemics or runaway flus.  That's a great thing because I am trying to keep up my good fortune and I don't want it to run out.   I haven't been seriously down-in-the-bed sick for well over 3 cold and flu seasons.  And  I'm around some of the worst carriers around--teen-age kids-- who come to school sometimes on their deathbeds just to be with friends, keep their grades up (this one, not so much), or sadly, just because there isn't anywhere better to go.  Furthermore, I'm probably the most careless person around for putting hands on face during the day and/or not washing my hands as regularly as I could. I DO wash after going to the restroom, but then I may negate the whole process by opening the door without the aid of a paper towel.  So, what has been the difference between me and others, who seem to get 1 or 2 contagious illnesses every year?   I checked out an article in Prevention Magazine and I checked myself against the 10 check points they gave for staying well during this time of year. 

1.  Don't Stay Away From Others - Recent studies show that the ones who are most apt to get sick are the ones who isolate themselves from the outside world, whether it is because they are afraid of getting sick or are just not able to socialize.  The most healthy individuals are those who have at least 6 social interactions daily!  So, yes, I pass that test.  I'm talking to many different people each day because of my job at Independence High School! 

2.  Get Enough Sleep - Adults need between 7 - 9 hours of sleep per day.  OK, this is my absolute essential ritual.  I crave sleep.  I love sleep.  I am selfish with sleep.  People know that if they want to get along with me, they need to let me have my sleep.  If I miss my sleep during the night, I will come home and take myself a lovely, afternoon nap.  Actually, it's one of my favorite things to do.  Incidentally, less than optimum sleep will lower your immune system.  You can either get enough sleep now, or get the needed sleep as you are recuperating from an unwanted, uncomfortable choose. 

3.  Be More Of An Optimist - Apparently, and I do know this, those who are going around like Eeyore rather than Tigger are going to have more illnesses.  Basically your brain power is a powerful partner to your immune function.  How do I rate? I must admit, some days are better than others with this one.  I'm actually going through some really hard things right now that can make me very sad if I dwell on it at any length and sometimes the only thing I can do is cry about it.  (I miss you, Eddie and Joseph)  Thankfully, I'm a generally happy person and when I psyche myself up, I'm able to handle things.  I think the best way to get into that happy state of mind is to always remember that whatever you are going through, there is always someone else who has it way more difficult than yourself and to reach out to others (See #1).

4.  Express Myself  but do it positively - Whew!  I need some work on that one.  When something bothers me, I can express it, but it sometimes comes out more like a freight train roaring by instead of feeling like a spring breeze wafting through the trees.  That's why a lot of times I just don't express myself at all and that's dangerous because I'm bottling it in.  OK, I need some more help on self-expression.  I want to able to express myself asseertively yet not come off as hard core or angry.  I think that it takes a certain skill, if not an inborn talent to do that.  

5.  Stress - Is it possible to not be under stress these days?  It seems like they're saying, though, that the ongoing stress is the bad one. If you can leave behind your day at work and come home and relax, then there's nothing wrong with that.  But stress that is present day-in and day-out is really hard on the immune system. Grieving is a form of stress that takes its toll..  I recently went through about four months of grieving when my son moved out of our house. Empty nest syndrome is no picnic. But I'm OK now.  I still get to see him once a week and I have been able to move on a bit. 

6.  Using My Own Stuff - Do you use your own keyboard?  Your own pen?  Things that pass from hand to hand are really dirty!  Me?  Yep, I use my own pen, but people come along and swipe it and then either put it back or never return it.  I used to get a little irked when people swiped my pens.  Maybe I should just be grateful they took it, and their germs, with them. 

7.  Exercise - People who don't exercise get sick more than those who don't.  OK, I'm about 50-50 on that one.  I like to put my feet up after work and don't like to get out much after that.  It's especially hard in the winter, when it's so darn cold.  But my dang dog is going to save me yet.  I come home and she is waiting for me in the backyard, looking so dejected and forlorn.  I know that she wants to go on a walk so badly that she can barely stand it.  If I even look like I'm headed toward the door again, she will quietly start crying, hoping I'll pick up on her subtle hint.  That's why I say 50-50. Half the time, I'm a real softie and will go get the leash and we'll head out for an adventure.  The other half, I say, sorry girl, not this time, Mama's toooo tired!

8.  Pollution and Ciggies don't help - first or secondhand smoke is bad for you.  So stay away from it if possible.  Your immune system will thank you for it. problem.  We have a no-tolerance policy for smoking or drugs in our High School.  We don't smoke at home either.  What we do have is bad air quality.  In the winter, the Utah Valley gets clogged with smog, trapped in until a storm clears it out.  Not the greatest to be out in, for sure.

9.  Don't Know How To Use Antibiotics -The thing that is so scarey about using antibiotics w/o just cause is that it puts a strain on the whole community of antibiotic users and potential users, rendering many of them ineffective because the germs they were meant to kill now are resistant to them.  Only use antibiotics if you have a bacterial infection and use the whole course.  I haven't used antibiotics for years.  
 10.  You've gotta laugh!  This is going to really help boost those pheromones and immune assisting chemicals in your brain.  Fortunately, I have a husband who is a big goof and he makes me laugh more often than not.  I'm not saying that he never falls flat.  And I let him know.  I think it's his mission to try out his running comedy routines on me and if I give it a thumbs up, based on my laughter, he knows he's onto something.  I wonder if fake laughing counts?  I do a lot of that as well over at the high school, where kids think they are the funniest things since Bob Hope and I play along with it sometimes,albeit sometimes they are good too. 

Really?  Is that it?  Wow!  I think I do OK on most of those points.  Not excellent, but OK.  So what is it that has brought me such luck with the colds and the flus?  Could it be genetic?  I don't think so...Is it the fact that I take some really, really great vitamins and have done so for, get this, 20 years?  Yep, I take Melaleuca Vitality For Life Vitamins and supplements and I'm thinking that they are pretty amazing as far as vitamins go. 

But for whatever reason I have been spared, I'd like to go for another healthy year.  

What are some things that you think make the difference when it comes to the cold and flu season?  How do you do on the 10 points of prevention?  

This article was written by me with no cash or other incentives.  

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Friday, December 30, 2011

How Much Should I Pay For Pants?

The holidays have taken a toll on my hips and thighs and so I went a-browsing to see what I might find in the way of some new pants. I happened to remember a really trendy site, which I remembered had lots of options for the above-mentioned.  I love looking at clothes! I'm not much different from the majority of the female sex when it comes to that.  A few years ago, when I was even more on a budget than I am now, I had a Singer sewing machine and I became obsessed with going to WalMart and looking at all the Simplicity, Butterick, McCalls, Vogue and other sewing patterns in the craft section.  I would then pick out the patterns and material that I thought were so cute and sew my own clothing and even make clothing for my son.  I rationalized that I was saving money.  I was actually paying about the same price as I would if I were just buying my clothes from WalMart.  But I had a little bit of the designer going on in me and it satisfied the OCD/ADD in me which needed to obsess on something.  I wish I saved some of my creations because there were some real doozies!  And I wore them with pride because I had created them.  Anyway, back to the site that I was visiting.  I won't name any names because I'm not out to hate on any sites or for that matter, promote any.  But seriously, would you pay this much for a pair of bloomers? And I don't fault you if you would, 'cause sometimes you just gotta have it!  But for realsies, while I think some of these creations would be just the ticket to hide my surge in poundage due to the holidays, would I be willing to plunk down this kind of lettuce?  Take a look:

Let's start with these red beauties at $253
These are a bit more flashy, so $425

I can tell you that I'm liking these pants - plenty of room for disguising my more-than-ever generous hips. No one would ever know.  I think I could even hide a small child in there as well.  Is it worth it, I ask?  Here are some more options:
Pretty gorgeous, no?  $845

These would be my skinny pants later - $895

Maybe I... should make it a theme in
blue and get two pairs.  One pair for now and one pair for later when I'm much, much thinner!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reflection - Things Look Brighter After Today

We passed Winter Solstice today and thank goodness!  The days will get a little longer from here on out!  The Winter Solstice occurred early this morning, marking the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year.  There is only one place I want to be during the shortest day of the year and that is in front of my fireplace in the den, watching T.V.  I know, I should be out doing last minute Christmas shopping and getting those last minute deals, but it's just too cold and dark after about 5:30 p.m.  But at least I don't live in Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle.  For people who live there, it's dark 24-7.   I'm also glad that I am off for the Christmas Break.  I work about 38 hours a week at a high school as a special education para educator.  So this was my first day off for a 2-week vacation!

I actually look at Winter Solstice maybe a little differently than some.  I know that it is an ancient Celtic celebration and even some traditional Christmas symbols can also be traced to the ancient celebrations of Solstice.  For instance, lights and candles were put out to ward off the darkness and encourage the coming of Spring during Solstice.  I love the Celtic influence in Christmas celebrations.  I have Scottish ancestry and very much appreciate watching the 'Celtic Women' Christmas PBS Special each year. For me, it is one of the things I look forward to every year. 

Since we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ very soon, I look at today, this most dark of days and ask myself what it was like for the world before the Savior was born.  The world's inhabitants had no way to save themselves from their own sins.  We are taught that nothing can dwell in the presence of God that isn't perfect.  And since all of us sin, man was doomed to live outside of  Heaven and dwell in their sins forever, spiritually dead.  How dark was that?  I'd say it couldn't get much more.  How much it meant to the world when finally the Savior was born, the only one who would be able to save the world from its sins.  Because of His birth, the world came out of darkness and was given hope.
"Because He came to earth, we have a perfect example to follow. As we strive to become more like Him, we will have joy and happiness in our lives and peace each day of the year. It is His example which, if followed, stirs within us more kindness and love, more respect and concern for others.
Because He came, there is meaning to our mortal existence.
Because He came, we know how to reach out to those in trouble or distress, wherever they may be.
Because He came, death has lost its sting, the grave its victory. We will live again because He came.
Because He came and paid for our sins, we have the opportunity to gain eternal life."    -Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
 And so, Winter Solstice is a very fitting preliminary event to Christmas, reminding me of how dark the world was before Christ's birth and how much brighter the world was, after His birth.  May you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy it in the ways that are special to you!  Thanks for letting me share!  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

$25 to {Giveaway} #Rafflecopter

I was so excited to work with  I have a sister who just had her 3rd sweet little boy!  He came in October and is just so adorable.  He had the most amazing head of hair right out of the hospital.  Now, little nephew #3 is the proud owner of the Mud Pie Little Angel Lounge Set (I love the little angel wings on the back)! 

I think that she should enjoy him while he is little, sleeping and cooing and adoring her.  Before long, he'll be into everything, making messes, throwing things, and pitching fits.  Then it would probably be more fitting to suit him up in a little devil's outfit.  But for now, the angel label is more than fitting!  He also got the Baby Deer Taupe Suede Shoes!  I got them just a tad large, 6 - 9 months, so he could wear them later on.  But they are actually not that big on him.  He'll be wearing them really soon.  Probably before spring!
At any rate, we both were thrilled with the quality of the items.  I was really happy with how quickly the baby clothes were shipped and delivered.  My sister was happy with the quality of the items.  She did say, however, that the items run small.  The little angel outfit was for 3 - 6 months.  Angel boy has got a few more days before he hits 3 months and he probably won't fit into the outfit by 5 months.  (Of course he was 8 lbs. 15 oz. when he was born, so quite a big fellow). 
Just a word, too, about the little girl section of this great store!  They have the most adorable things, like Tutus and Baby Headbands!  For instance, if I had a little girl, I'd want to put her into this little outfit!  I think that for $29.99, it's a great bargain! 
The Mud Pie Chiffon Tiered Dress

And for both little boys and little girls, check out their baby hats!   

So funny and cute!  Makes me smile!
One final thought--do you have a cute little one who would be oh, so cute in front of a camera?  You should enter the Cutest Baby Photo of 2011 Contest!  You could win $150 to!  Submissions run until December 31st and voting begins on January 1st of 2012!  Just go to MyBabyClothes on Facebook and enter!

It was Alex Liz Robinson's lucky day!  Entry # 156 - Congratulations!  Thanks, everyone, for entering!  Stop by after New Year's for more great giveaways and fun!