Thursday, December 15, 2011

$25 to {Giveaway} #Rafflecopter

I was so excited to work with  I have a sister who just had her 3rd sweet little boy!  He came in October and is just so adorable.  He had the most amazing head of hair right out of the hospital.  Now, little nephew #3 is the proud owner of the Mud Pie Little Angel Lounge Set (I love the little angel wings on the back)! 

I think that she should enjoy him while he is little, sleeping and cooing and adoring her.  Before long, he'll be into everything, making messes, throwing things, and pitching fits.  Then it would probably be more fitting to suit him up in a little devil's outfit.  But for now, the angel label is more than fitting!  He also got the Baby Deer Taupe Suede Shoes!  I got them just a tad large, 6 - 9 months, so he could wear them later on.  But they are actually not that big on him.  He'll be wearing them really soon.  Probably before spring!
At any rate, we both were thrilled with the quality of the items.  I was really happy with how quickly the baby clothes were shipped and delivered.  My sister was happy with the quality of the items.  She did say, however, that the items run small.  The little angel outfit was for 3 - 6 months.  Angel boy has got a few more days before he hits 3 months and he probably won't fit into the outfit by 5 months.  (Of course he was 8 lbs. 15 oz. when he was born, so quite a big fellow). 
Just a word, too, about the little girl section of this great store!  They have the most adorable things, like Tutus and Baby Headbands!  For instance, if I had a little girl, I'd want to put her into this little outfit!  I think that for $29.99, it's a great bargain! 
The Mud Pie Chiffon Tiered Dress

And for both little boys and little girls, check out their baby hats!   

So funny and cute!  Makes me smile!
One final thought--do you have a cute little one who would be oh, so cute in front of a camera?  You should enter the Cutest Baby Photo of 2011 Contest!  You could win $150 to!  Submissions run until December 31st and voting begins on January 1st of 2012!  Just go to MyBabyClothes on Facebook and enter!

It was Alex Liz Robinson's lucky day!  Entry # 156 - Congratulations!  Thanks, everyone, for entering!  Stop by after New Year's for more great giveaways and fun!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Simply Eden Bath & Body Christmas #Giveaway #Rafflecopter

 When I am looking for a great gift, I look for something that won't end up in the re-gift pile the week after I give it to someone.  And for that to happen, the gift needs to be unique, useful and beautiful. This year, I think I've found that in Simply Eden Bath & Body!  Simply Eden is a Bath & Body Delight!  It is for the discerning soap connoisseur and for the budget-conscious luxury lover.  It is for those with the most sensitive skin and for those who simply love sumptuous suds.   And that is why it is such a great fit for many people.  I'd tell you all about the benefits of goat milk soap but I think Athena does it best on her site.  I WILL tell you, however, that I now know a bit of the history of soap that I didn't know before.  It is quite fascinating. 

I counted no less than 37 different fragrances of soap in the soap section!  The names intrigue my scent imagination--Apples & Oak, Mistletoe & Ivy, Orchid Rain, Cucumber Melon, Georgia Peach or Spiced Rum!  And the soap is so beautiful!  It is swirled with colors that match the particular scent! 

I was also able to try the Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter, the Simply Radiant Face Cream, the Holy Goat Soap (with Frankincense and Myrrh)  and the Hair Sculpting Wax.  I was so impressed and wowed with each of these exceptional products.  So much so, that I made another order for Christmas for my 2 sisters and 2 nieces!  I know they will definitely love the body butter!  It definitely won't be going in the re-gift pile! 
Simply Eden and A GAL NEEDS... are teaming up to bring you a great giveaway, either for yourself or a fabulous Christmas gift for someone you love!
One reader will receive their choice of  2 soaps, a body butter and lotion!  (ARV $40)  You can enter to win in the Rafflecopter form below!  

Congratulations to the winner - entrant #42, Kasee Johnson!  

Friday, November 25, 2011

#Win Gourmet Gift Baskets Christmas Classic Gift Basket! #Giveaway

 I love Gourmet Gift Baskets because it makes it so easy to convey a special message to someone special!  Last March I got to take the Snack Classic Gift Basket ($59.99) to school and had my class rate it.  You just know they loved sampling all the yummies in it.  It got a thumbs up! 
Some others I'd love to try are:

Soups and Crocks Gift Basket $79.99
The Holiday Sweets & Treats Gift Basket $49.99
Day In Paris Gift Basket $99.99
Chocolate Gift Basket Premium $99.99  Sweet Decadence!
But enough day dreaming and on to business! A lucky winner will receive a Christmas Gift Basket Classic ($59.99)!  It has some great food in it, like Almond Pecan-dy Crunch by Morley Candy Makers (so good, I've tasted it!), Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies by J & M Foods and Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company!