Friday, May 27, 2011

Therabreath Multi-Symptom Probiotic [Review] and Fresh Breath Lozenges [Giveaway]

Congratulations to the winner of this great giveaway!  Krista, #41!  Also, thanks to TheraBreath and all those who entered!  Stop by again soon!

 Up until my recent review and giveaway of Therabreath's mouthwash and toothpaste, I had never heard of them.  In my opinion, Therabreath is just too good to keep a secret and so that is why I am so excited to let you know of a couple of other great products from this steller company!  I love natural products and Therabreath is a great example of utilizing natural substances to kill bad breath, with unprecedented results!  Now, they have another amazing product, Therabreath Multi Symptom Probiotics, the only oral care products that contain both BLIS M18 and BLIS K12 cultures, a new generation of patented probiotics that have been shown in scientific studies to be remarkably effective in the oral cavity.  So, what I am understanding is that everything within the scope of the oral cavity can be protected and strengthened.  Things like ear ache, cavities, bad breath, sore throat, gum problems and sensitive teeth all could be alleviated or even obliterated!  And that would have a domino effect on the rest of the body, bringing it up to a much more healthy state. 

    According to Therabreath's website, "TheraBreath is a revolutionary premium oral care system created by Dr. Harold Katz at the California Breath Clinics.  The exclusive, original formula went on the market in 1994 and has been used by over 1 million people world wide to solve problems of bad breath and unpleasant mouth taste.  In that time, our original formula has gone through dozens of refinements, making it the most complete and effective solution to the embarrassing personal problem of halitosis.  If you've been frustrated with commercial products that claim they attack germs that cause bad breath, or if you've scraped your tongue and still have bad breath, you've come to the right place!  This site is dedicated to explaining the causes of bad breath, halitosis, dry mouth, taste disorders (bitter taste, sour, metallic) and how to get rid of these problems using the clinically proven TheraBreath system."

     Now that I have been able to try Therabreath for myself, I really love it and am so excited to be able to purchase it whenver I need it because it is available at stores that are close to me, like Walmart, Shopko, Rite Aid, and more.  
     I am especially excited about the probiotics, since I am just coming off the flu and need something to make sure my system is totally over it.  The Multi System Probiotic is a one week course containing over 500 million cultures of K12 probiotic bacteria and is administered as a mouth rinse, once daily, except for days 1 and 7, which is administered twice daily.  It comes with toothpaste to use beforehand to prepare for the treatment.  Right now, this is only available online on their website!
     Right now TheraBreath is giving away a free 100 count dispenser pack of their amazing Mouth Wetting Fresh Breath Lozenges in Mandarin Mint Flavor!  When I pop one of these babies in my mouth, I don't have to worry about bad breath for hours.  And especially when I am interviewing or in a tense social situation, where my mouth might tend to dry out, these mints come in very handy!  

     To win a package of 100 Fresh Breath Mouth Wetting Lozenges, leave me a comment telling me your current favorite mouthwash, gum, breathmint, or toothpaste, along with your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!
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Thanks for entering everyone!  This giveaway will close at 11:59 MST on June 23rd!  This contest is open to US entrants and they must be at least 21 years of age or older.  The winner will be notified by e-mail and will be given 48 hours to respond before another winner will be selected.  The winner will be posted at the top of this giveaway!  I was provided product so I might give a thoughtful and honest review!  Thanks TheraBreath, I love your products! $50 Gift Code Giveaway! {Closed}

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Thanks to all who entered!  

     I'm back!  It's been about 5 weeks since I last posted and I am surprised at how fast the time has gone.  It seems like time is just going so fast that I don't have a chance to do all that I want to do!  Does that sound familiar to you?  Now that I'm in the swing of things again, I will start out with a great giveaway to start out the summer with and that is!  With free returns, free exchanges and free shipping, what's not to love?  Not to mention the amaazing swimsuits they have!
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   When I checked out the site, I loved the Bikini Builder Mix & Match Tool for Athena, Hurley, Splendid and Next Swimsuits.  Here's what I picked, what would you pick?
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     Of course there are the designer lines such as Luxe by Lisa Vogel and I really love that there is something for every woman.  From flattering maximum coverage to minimal, it's all there!  And you don't need to feel like you're guessing--just call or e-mail the FitSpecialist and it's like having your own concierge to help you buy your swimsuit.  The number is 1-877-684-7946 or e-mail
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