Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Therabreath Review and Giveaway

    Let's face it, bad breath stinks!  It's just not fun to be around it, let alone have it!  Less commonly known as halitosis, there are many common theories as to what causes it and how to cure it.  Here's one for you - So, if your mouth tastes minty from a breath mint or mouthwash, then your bad breath is under control, right?  WRONG-O.  The minty flavor of most toothpastes, mints or mouthwashes masks and only exacerbate the problem because the sugar they contain helps the bacteria to breed. 
    Dr. Harold Katz, the founder of TheraBreath products, has helped over a million people worldwide cure chronic bad breath.  His products attack the Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria which breed WITHIN the tongue's surface and throat.  He is affectionately known as the Bad Breath Guru and has been on shows like The View and CBS Early Show to share his knowledge.  I was able to give 3 of these products a try and I really like them A LOT! 
The first product that I tried was the TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Fresh Breath Lozenges in Madarin Mint Flavor.  Each lozenge is individually wrapped and packs a breath freshening punch that leaves me confident as I talk to my students as I'm helping them with their work or after I've eaten a salad with plenty of onions, garlic-based dressing, peppers, etc.  Whatever is thrown in my path, I won't be worried breath-wise if I've taken one of these babies.
      The next product is the TheraBreath Oral Rinse.  This tastes, to me, like a weak version of hydrogen peroxide with some mild flavoring.  But apparently, this is their best-selling product because of how well it controls chronic bad breath, aggressively attacking the odor-causing bacteria.  So thumbs up, baby!  A GAL have her breath fresh at all times.
      The last product I got to try is the TheraBreath Toothpaste.  This is for people who really know that they have a problem.  The toothpaste has no sugar, so it doesn't taste like candy, that's for sure.  It's definitely for people who want to do something effective to get their breath under control.  My teeth felt really clean and smooth after using this toothpaste.  I got accustomed to the absence of sugar in the toothpaste and prefer it now to the sugary brands.  
     Some good news for you is that one of you will be set up with your own TheraBreath toothpaste and mouthwash!  You will be able to see for yourself how great your breath can be, like I did!
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OK, that's about it, other than letting you know that Therabreath provided me with products to provide an honest review, but you already knew that!  My winner will be selected on April 28th with and notified through e-mail so make sure you make it available to me!  Thank you, Therabreath, for providing me with these great products and for the giveaway! 

A Man With A 'Stache

I was blog hopping today, since I'm on my Spring Break from work, an activity which I'd love to do more of...  Anyway, I happened upon a really cute blog in which Heather, the author, posted the cutest poem about her husband's 'stache.  It was really cute, and since my own dh sports a 'stache in various forms at various times, I forwarded it to him!  I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote his own version of the verse and e-mailed it back to me!  I thought I'd share both with you.  Now I realize who really should be doing all the blogging, writing, rhyming, and expounding...him!  And Heather, you are an amazing poet!  Thanks for the laughs!

An Ode To Your Face by Heather 

I'd never want to bash 
Your wearing of that 'stache
That is set upon your lips
...and tickles when we kiss
You know I'd love you anyway
But hope that handsome 'stache will stay
'Cause all the cool kids want mustaches
All the girls bat their eyelashes
Of all the ways men wear face hair 
Your 'stache is best!
The end
[I swear!]

An Ode In Reply by Greg

I'm happy that you love my 'stache
I used to worry that you might get a rash,
When you kissed my lips and stroked my face.
But happily, that is not the case,
I know you love me anyway.
So on my face the 'stache will stay!
It's true my 'stache can be real cool,
But the way you bat your eyes still rules!
So shake those hips, they're outta sight!
Your butt's the best, a true delight!
And so, friends, that is why I love a man with a 'stache!  It's because not only does it look good, but he's a poet as well!  I ask you, how could I resist?
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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Flirty Apron Review and Giveaway!

I've been aware of an awesome company called Flirty Aprons for awhile now and am pleased to be able to do a review for their new Marilyn line!  In general, Flirty Aprons makes high-quality aprons for women, men, and children.  Since I speak for myself, and I'm a woman, Flirty Aprons makes me feel good about myself when I'm in the kitchen.  When I feel good about myself, I have a tendency to be more motivated to watch what I eat.  I also like it because I can be dressed in my old sweats, looking like I need a good couple days at the spa, but when I put on this apron, I could fool anyone but the most in-the-know person.  Case in point:

The apron that I happen to be wearing is the 'Sugar and Spice from the new Marilyn Line.  I can adjust the ties to fit more snugly or more loosely depending on how I feel. This is adjusted more loosely!  These aprons are the more light-weight aprons with just one layer.  I like it because it will be great for warm weather cooking.  I love the pocket on the side for recipe cards, a phone, glasses, etc.  I also love the triple layer of ruffles on the bottom! I believe that A GAL NEEDS... at least one of these! Pictured here are some other aprons I love.  There are so many more, however, to choose from:
Marilyn Strawberry Shortcake

Kaydee Queen of Everything Apron
 Flirty Apron would like one of you to receive your choice of apron from their new Marilyn Line!  Believe me, you will love it!  All you need to do is first, be a GFC Follower and leave a  comment with a link to your favorite Flirty Apron!

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  • +3 Enter my Therabreath Giveaway! 
       Many thanks to Flirty Aprons for providing me with an apron to review and also for providing an apron to one of my readers.  This giveaway will end on 4/25/11 and winner will be chosen with and notified by e-mail.  The winner will have a 48 hour window to respond.  This giveaway is open to US residents.                                                                             

      Wednesday, April 6, 2011

      OPI 'Black Shatter' Nail Polish Giveaway!

      Thanks, everyone!  That was a fun one!  I love my Black Shatter and #31 is going to get this delivered to her doorstep really soon!  It is lucky Lauren, who said:
      lauren said...
      Hi! I am a GFC follower, my username is Lvspina01. My current favorite nail color is For Audrey by China Glaze, its the perfect turquoise color and I get so many compliments when I wear it which is always good! Haha! Thanks for giving away such an awesome item! It is very generous of you! I have been wanting to try this polish for the longest! Hope I win :) Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon! Lauren

      Black Shatter, by OPI and inspired by Katy Perry, is flying off of shelves and right now is on back order with very few bottles available for walk-in customers when shipments do arrive!  
       The fashion press started teasing about it before Thanksgiving and it has flown off of store shelves since hitting the Utah market, where I live, in February!  Random checks of beauty supply websites show that supplies are either limited, back ordered or out of stock!  One seller on E-Bay had it listed at $80.50.  Other sellers have it retailing for up to $20!  (It normally retails for $8.50)
      It appeals, like Katy Perry's music, to ages 10 - 30.  But I'm thinking it appeals to a much wider age range than that.  I'm actually way over 30, I'm 40- cough, sneeze, clear throat, and I think it's fab!  (I know, I'm just hip like that anyway!)   It is definitely one of the more unique things to hit the nail industry in a long time.  

      The idea is to paint your nails with a base coat of your favorite shade and then put Black Shatter on top of that.  It separates and gives a random cracked appearance, with the base coat showing through.  It is definitely interesting to say the least!  

       I'm giving a bottle of Black Shatter Nail Polish to one reader on my blog!  This is what you need to do to enter:

      Mandy - Be a GFC Follower and tell me what your current favorite nail color is!

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       Optional Tweet!  #Giveaway for Katy Perry's Black Shatter by OPI @Melahelen 4/20

      Giveaway ends on 4/20/11!  Winner will be notified by e-mail (so leave your e-mail in at least one comment) and will have 48 hours to respond!  I will then ship the prize to the winner via US Mail with delivery confirmation.  This giveaway is open to US entrants.  

      Here is a tutorial from You Tube on how to apply Black Shatter! 

      Friday, April 1, 2011

      Ultimate Blog Party 2011

      Ultimate Blog Party 2011

      We were asked to talk a little bit about ourselves during this event. Here is what I said:
      I am the owner of 3 blogs--my personal blog, this one, and my giveaway listings blog!  Thus the name, A GAL NEEDS... at least 2 blogs!  I never would have guessed 3 years ago that I would even be a blogger at all.  So it is quite the surprise to me that I have 3 of them. 

      I'm a Mom of a 22 year old son, who is in the thick of graduating from college and heading for grad school, pretty much on his own.  It's nice, though, that he lives in the same town as us and I can see him quite frequently!  He is an MMA competitor on the side and has been doing well in that arena.  I saw him fight one time and I think that will be the only time I go.  It's quite nerve-racking!

      I also have a 14 year old son, still at home and finishing up his middle school career.  He is really big for a 14 year old.  He's at 6'0 right now, with huge bones and a huge frame.  I don't even know how to feed him sometimes.  Fortunately my husband is a great cook so he helps in that area!

      I am a certified special ed teacher and work in a support role at a remedial high school in a self-contained classroom. Luckily, I have experience with boys because it's an all-boy classroom.  It's never boring and when I get home, I see my other boys.  That's a lot of testosterone and so sometimes I love to get away and ride my bike on the local river trail or take my border collie on walks!

      My husband is the greatest and we enjoy our lives and while he enjoys his 'War Craft' and other recreational online games, I love to blog in my spare time.  My spare time seems to be less and less these days, but I still make time for reviews, giveaways and the occasional snapshot of life.  I enjoy featuring noteworthy news or in other words, news that I feel is of interest to me and other women.