Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Most Gorgeous Romantic Dress!

I was being distracted this morning, and how I was led to Bon Bon Rose Girls Blog is rather puzzling.  But nevertheless, there I was and was just amazed at the dress she posted there, with the intent on buying it for her upcoming tropical vacation!  I'm so jealous, I admit it!  I hope she got it though, because it is so gorgeous!  I even left this comment on her blog: 

I haven’t seen a dress in quite awhile that I’ll actually need to make a comment on. But this dress is absolutely exquisite, if you are talking romance and other worldliness! I looked at the other examples of mullet dresses and this one is by far the best!

Have you heard of this "mullet dress" trend yet?  Seems like it is so very popular this year!  Can I even say 'hot'?  All in all, I feel that it is a very hard fashion to wear and can end up looking rather silly.  But fashion is fashion, and if it's in, I want to at least find the best looking example of said trend.  I think that I found it in this dress! 
Oh, and maybe this one too! 
I love anything she wears, probably because she is so gorgeous!
Can I just say these are not my favorites?

Katy Perry is lovely, but no...
Oh Miley...just let your Dad live down his mullet! 
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