Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Man With A 'Stache

I was blog hopping today, since I'm on my Spring Break from work, an activity which I'd love to do more of...  Anyway, I happened upon a really cute blog in which Heather, the author, posted the cutest poem about her husband's 'stache.  It was really cute, and since my own dh sports a 'stache in various forms at various times, I forwarded it to him!  I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote his own version of the verse and e-mailed it back to me!  I thought I'd share both with you.  Now I realize who really should be doing all the blogging, writing, rhyming, and expounding...him!  And Heather, you are an amazing poet!  Thanks for the laughs!

An Ode To Your Face by Heather 

I'd never want to bash 
Your wearing of that 'stache
That is set upon your lips
...and tickles when we kiss
You know I'd love you anyway
But hope that handsome 'stache will stay
'Cause all the cool kids want mustaches
All the girls bat their eyelashes
Of all the ways men wear face hair 
Your 'stache is best!
The end
[I swear!]

An Ode In Reply by Greg

I'm happy that you love my 'stache
I used to worry that you might get a rash,
When you kissed my lips and stroked my face.
But happily, that is not the case,
I know you love me anyway.
So on my face the 'stache will stay!
It's true my 'stache can be real cool,
But the way you bat your eyes still rules!
So shake those hips, they're outta sight!
Your butt's the best, a true delight!
And so, friends, that is why I love a man with a 'stache!  It's because not only does it look good, but he's a poet as well!  I ask you, how could I resist?
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