Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something To Wear! Extra entries for Blogtastic Extravaganza!

I am getting more excited as the time progresses!  Blogtastic, something I have alluded to before, is less than a week away.  I will accept extra entries for each prize package right now and throughout the giveaway!  Since my theme, 'A GAL NEEDS...Something To Wear' is pretty self-explanatory, let me introduce you to the two prize packages I will be offering!  Thank you for leaving your extra entry comments here and not on my main Blogtastic Extravaganza post. 

Prize Package I (Open to US Only):
  •  meesh & mia will be giving away a piece from their currently licensed and available collegiate  apparel!
 Uptown Girls Too will be giving away a black, distressed, blue bling baseball cap!

 Prize Package II (Open to US only): 

eShakti will be giving away a fabulous dress of choice!
  Spunky Junky will be giving away a cute headband from her etsy shop!
May not be exactly like the one posted!
MANDATORY:  You must be a Google Friend Follower and leave me a comment that you are.  In the same comment, tell me which prize pack you are interested in.  If you are interested in both, just let me know!

Extra Entries - (Leave a comment for each one that you do!):

  • Visit meesh & mia and tell me your favorite piece from your favorite school!
  • Visit eShakti and pick out a dress that you would love to own!  Leave me the link!

  • Like eShakti on Facebook and leave a comment that A GAL NEEDS...sent you!
  • Like Uptown Girls Too on Facebook!  Mention that A GAL NEEDS...sent you!
  • Like Spunky Junky on Facebook!  Mention that A GAL NEEDS...sent you!
These are my extra entries for the Blogmania event, held on January 18th through January 22nd.  You must be entered in the main giveaway post for any of these extra entries to count!  Note also that there is a mandatory entry here. You may complete these entries at any time until January 22nd, when Blogmania closes!   

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