Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets! {Review}

 I am really excited about a book I was introduced to a week ago. Its called Alpine Weight Loss Secrets by Stefan Aschan!  Was one of your New Years resolutions to get into shape?  Have you taken out a gym membership or resolved to get back to the gym to lose weight and get your best body yet?  That was me last year.  I actually went to the gym quite a bit~but to not much avail.  I barely managed to maintain my mildly overweight frame and spent a lot of time wishing I was somewhere else or that I didnt have to go.  However, this year I decided not to do this mundane thing to myself.  A gym takes so much time.  Its not just the workout itself, its the changing into the gym clothing, the getting there in the car, the waiting around for equipment or for class to start, driving back afterwards, yada yada yadaSo a one-hour workout for me could easily become a time investment of 2 hours.  An extra hour each time I work out is a huge time investment.  After all, Ive got blogging to do (which is part of my problem, I admit)!  This year I decided not to renew my gym membership.  Ive got the internet, TV, and the great outdoors to design my own exercise program.  And now, Ive got another resource that I will totally put into useIts called Alpine Weight Loss Secrets by Stefan Aschan, Europes premier  Youngevity Coach!  Why is the term youngevity used?  Because living a long life isnt the ultimate goal.  One also wants to live life with the ability to be an active participant!   Let me tell you, I learned so much from this book and it solidified my belief that you dont need to punish yourself to keep in shape!  You just need to be smart about it and have the tools.  As a matter of fact, when following Stefans guidelines, I can see how one will feel rewarded as she/he gets in better and better shape and ultimately into the best shape of their life, no matter what age!   

Heres what a client said after going through his program:
Susan Hudson, 51
Thank you for changing my life. Post-menopausal, at 51 I thought all I had to look forward to was a downhill slump of more sagging and drooping. In less than two months your exercises and nutritional recipes have helped me to lose the fat, restore tone and muscle to my body, and have given me more energy than I have had in 20 years. I went from 145 lbs to 125 lbs. My friends tell me I look 35, and I have the energy I had at 20. And my sexual appetite has been rekindled!  You are a miracle worker. By the way have you got another recipe for chicken that I can try?
The beauty about this program is that it is not only for over 40 adults but for younger men and women as well!  Everyone can see "not just great results but stunning results!" 

Stefan came to the U.S. in 1997 after people told him that the United States could use him because of his progressive and advanced ideas regarding physical fitness.  He knows how to duplicate the great health and lean physiques of the people who live the Alpine Way of life for us folks who live in obese America.  America has done its citizens no favors in the health arena.  We have bad convenience foods, bad sedentary habits, and the best excuses as to why we cant get off our rear ends of any people in the world!   Stefan grew up around Vienna, Austria, in a small village called Streifing.  The daily activities included trekking to neighboring villages either by foot or bike, playing with his friends, working on the village farms, ice skating, skiing, racing, and just having fun outdoors.  The terrain there has very steep hills, even mountains at a high altitude.  And of course there are also the valleys.  This is definitely an Alpine environment.

  In my small village, there was always something physical to do. Most summer
days we would ride our bikes over to our friend’s house, which was a few
villages and about five steep hills away, and then we’d race or go swimming. At
harvest time, we helped farmers bring in their crops, hoisting bales of hay onto
trucks, and crushing the grapes they grew. Most kids learned to ski and ice
skate a day or two after they learned to walk, and so did I. (Okay, I’m exaggerating;
it was really a week after!) It was just another way to stay active throughout
winter. Looking back, I realize that my active, sports-filled childhood could not have been better training for the life I lead today as a fitness expert.  Stefan Aschan

In Alpine Weight Loss Secrets, new and fresh ideas about food are introduced.  The 60 recipes are amazing because they take beautiful, fresh foods and teach you step-by-step how to keep them healthy and make them taste yummy!  You will have access to over 16 exercises that have 3 different levels so you can choose which level is right for you!  There is a section on how to flatten your belly and its NOT with exercise.  There are at least 10 worksheets for you to put these new ideas in concrete form, making them easier to follow through with! 
After reviewing this book, I am anxious to go back and really digest it and go for some of these life-changing habits!  I can hardly wait!  For more information, also go to his website!

I'd like to thank Stefan for letting me have an online copy of his book to review!  All of the opinions in this review are mine!  

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