Friday, December 31, 2010

Tropical Traditions Coconut Water Vinegar Giveaway!

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I decided to try Tropical Traditions Coconut Water Vinegar when I read an article about coconut water being so good for you!  Would you like to read the article?  It's really short, so shouldn't take too much time.  I'm not saying, nor is Tropical Traditions, how much truth there is to it, if any, but you can decide for yourself!  I realize that this is not coconut water, but vinegar. And actually, because of the way Tropical Traditions has made sure to retain all of the nutrients in the incubation process, the nutrients found in the raw coconut water are actually enhanced! 

Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Water Vinegar is truly unique and is the first of its kind in the US market! Most vinegars are clear because they are distilled and originally made from white sugar. Our Organic Coconut Water Vinegar is not distilled, but raw. It contains the mother of vinegar. In the Philippines most all commercial vinegars are distilled, and the "coconut vinegars" are not made from the nutrient-packed coconut water from inside the coconut, but from the sap of the coconut tree which is used to make lambanog, an alcoholic drink similar to vodka. These "coconut vinegars" are by-products of the lambanog industry.  Tropical Traditions is the first company to make a truly organic product from the water of organic coconuts which is raw and fermented with fair-trade organic Muscabado whole cane sugar. This is one of the most nutrient-packed and healthiest vinegars you will find anywhere in the world!
 Not only is this vinegar obviously wonderful to cook with, it is great to use on the hair to treat oiliness, and a very nutritious addition to drinks.  Add 1 - 2 tsps. of coconut water vinegar to water, juice or other drinks.  I'm very excited and optimistic about adding this vinegar to the other wonderful products, like their organic pumpkin seeds, that Tropical Traditions has converted me to! 

Check out the recipes at Tropical Traditions for great ways to use their Coconut Water Vinegar and other great products!  Right now the Organic Coconut Water Vinegar at Tropical Traditions is on sale for $7.99 for 16 ounces and $14.50 for 32 ounces! Use the first time buyer code  5954910 for your free Coconut Oil Book with over 85 yummy recipes at your disposal!

You are also certainly welcome to stick around and enter to win a 32 oz. jar of this vinegar!  Tropical Traditions has allowed me to give one of my absolutely wonderful readers a jar just like the one I was able to try!  Here's what you need to do to enter:

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This giveaway will end on January 17, 2011 at 11:59 pm.  This is open to both US and Canada and entrants must be 21 years of age or older!  Special thanks to Tropical Traditions for providing me with a sample to review! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

meesh & mia

 Are you a gal who is loyal to a favorite college or university team?  If so, I'd like to introduce you to meesh & mia!  They are not your ordinary, sweat-shirt, hoodie kind of collegiate sportswear.  This is collegiate couture!  I love the way meesh & mia has taken college loyalty and made it a subtle fashion statement!  This is not about putting your college logo boldly on your chest, emblazoned on a teeshirt, sweatshirt or hoodie. (which, I might add, is wonderful for many enthusiasts, including myself on occasion)!  This is subtly sporting your school logo on the collar or sleeve of a very fashionable piece.  I love this idea and loved it even more when I saw the beautiful pieces!  


 If you like the idea of a unique alternative to the current selection of collegiate licensed apparel and want to wear something fashionable on game day and every day, then check out meesh & mia. Currently, they are licensed with 15 great Universities, including Ohio State, Penn State, Univ of Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Georgia, Wisconsin, Cincinnatti, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Idaho, Nevada, University of Utah, BYU, and Nevada!  They will pick up 12 more Universities this spring including Arkansas, Arizona, Louisville, Texas Tech, University of Kansas, Washington State, North Carolina, Perdue, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Southern Methodist and another 15 for Fall 2011!*  Exciting stuff!  If you see your Alma Mater on the list above, you will be thrilled at the way meesh & mia blend your school colors into the best fashion statements ever!

Plus, I've got great news!  meesh & mia will be giving away one piece from their collection to one of my readers who decides to enter my giveaway during Blogtastic, January 18 - 22.  So check back here for sure!  Also, check out all of the other blogs that will be participating in this fun event!

*For a list of schools meesh & mia will be licensed for in Fall 2011, please send me an e-mail request and I will get that list to you! daisydoo200 at yahoo dot com

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let It Snow! I'm Warm With eShakti!

I swear I can't get warm during the winter months!  The heater can be cranked up to 80 degrees and I'm still searching for my fuzzy slippers, my warmest sweats and my hoodie! In addition, 2 or 3 layered shirts will be underneath!  So showing skin certainly isn't priority when I order or buy clothes for this time of year.  I ordered this two-toned maxi tank dress from eShakti in November and now that it is December, I'm really glad I have it! To me, it is warm fuzzies, hot chocolate and a cozy fire all made into a dress!  I love how when I ordered, it came really quickly, even though it hails all the way from Korea!  The material is sturdy and the inside is lined with fleece!  Cold I am not when I wear this dress. This will be my go-to dress this winter! 

I liked how the measurements were easily modified to my exact  specifications.  I custom-ordered the length and the bust size.  The dress is so comfortable because of that!
 At eShakti, they strive to make every customer look her best by making clothing to each individual specification.  If that means adding a sleeve, collar or a few inches in length, then that is done.  The only requirement is to know how many inches you'd like to add or take away!  They will do the rest!

They provide amazing style with a wide variety of fabrics and color choices in sizes 0-26!  The fabric quality is above average and the prices are quite reasonable as well.  

 As an example of the versatility of eShakti, let's take this Houndstooth print fleece knit dress below.  It is made from the same warm material as my dress, super cute, but it has no sleeves.  If I were to order this dress, I would want quarter-length sleeves.  No problem!  I would simply  specify on my order that I'd like quarter length sleeves and also, while I'm at it, I'd like to add 3" to the length. Now, I've got the perfect dress for me!  Maybe you would want it different!  But that's the beauty of eShakti! 
I believe that a woman who wears and chooses eShakti is confident, caring, collected and classy!  The eShakti Woman knows what company gives her the best possible fit and style.  That company IS eShakti!
Disclaimer:  I was provided with product to provide an honest and fair review!  This is my preliminary review for eShakti in anticipation of the blog event, Blogtastic, in which eShakti will be giving away a dress on this blog!  Make sure to stop by then, starting January 18th!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Few Really Good Ornaments

My sis-in-law is the most creative gal ever!  She loves to do crafts and beautify her home with them!  

 For a few years now, she has hosted an ornament party at her home.  It is always the same group because the object is to make an ornament for each individual at the party.  Everyone goes home with about 12 or 13  ornaments to put on their tree. It is quite a chore to make 13 ornaments for each person.  But the pay-off is great!  Last year she and I made ornaments together.  Mine went to a gift exchange that I did with my singing group!  They were a big hit! Here are some pictures of her last ornament exchange party and some of the cute ornaments that were made.Very creative, ladies!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fantasy Jewelry Box Review and Giveaway!

Congratulations to #1, elaine, who said: I would choose Diane's Aqua Blue Crystal Ball Stud Earrings, Item # E1019.

I have a routine every morning when I get ready to go to work.  I allow myself about 20 minutes to pick out what I want to wear, along with accessories. I don't pick what I will wear the night before because it may not be how I'm feeling the next morning. My accessories are a fun part of getting ready.  I like to pick out a fun necklace and some earrings to match or accent what I am wearing.  So I was really excited when I received Dhonna's 14K Gold Hammered and Cubic Zirconia Oval Drop Earrings from Fantasy Jewelry Box!  They are so pretty!  You can bet that I will be using these very regularly, both for work and dress-up in the coming months ahead in 2011! They are brass base metal with 14k Gold Electroplated with a hammered finish.  They look heavy but are very light and easy to wear!

Fantasy Jewelry Box is your one-stop shopping place for both men's and women's jewelry!  Jewelry makes a perfect gift for Christmas and they offer free shipping on all orders 365 days a year.  Also, spend $50 or more and you get a pair of FREE earrings!  Every order comes with a beautifully wrapped box for gift-giving and you can always exchange for free!

Right now you can buy the earrings I got at Fantasy Jewelry for $44.95 plus get 20% off if you use the code HOLIDAY20 or you may want to win a $35 gift code from Fantasy Jewelry here on my blog!  Here's what to do to enter:

Mandatory:  Visit Fantasy Jewelry and tell me what you would use your gift code for!  Leave the link!
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 Head into 2011 with style! #Win a $35 online Gift Certificate to @FantasyJewelry and @Melahelen!  Ends 12/31/11
 That's it!  This giveaway ends on 12/31/10 and the winner will be chosen on 1/1/11 by a random number generator and posted here and also notified by e-mail!  This is open to both Canada and the US!   Thanks to FantasyJewelryBox for the beautiful earrings to write my review!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Find Uses For Common Items!

 We've all got these common items in our homes.  But I'll bet you didn't think of some of these great ways to use them!  I sure didn't!  I picked my favorite alternative use for each item but there are tons more at Womansday!
Toothpaste - Remove crayon marks from a wall by squirting a small dab of non-gel toothpaste on the wall and rub with a cloth, then rinse with warm water!
Rubber Bands -  Hook a rubber band through the button hole of your pants and secure the other end to the button for some extra breathing room!
Nail Polish - Mend a small hole (1/3" or smaller) in a screen and prevent it from getting bigger by brushing clear nail polish on it!
Scotch Tape - Before hammering a nail into a wall, put scotch tape on it to prevent the paint from chipping.
Dryer Sheets - Calm static electricity and flyaway hair by running a dryer sheet through it!
Hair Dryer - Remove wax by pointing a hair dryer at the wax and melting it, then wiping it off with a sponge!
Hand Lotion - You can use hand lotion as a quick shoe polish!
Cornstarch - Detangle stubborn knots in shoelaces, string or chain necklaces by rubbing some in!
Petroleum Jelly - Rub some of this on your pet's paws to protect them from drying and cracking!
Coffee Filters - Clean windows, mirrors and champagne glasses!  They are lint free and leave no streaks.
Salt - Clean greasy pans by sprinkling salt in them before washing.  The salt absorbs most of the grease before you wash them!
Disposable Cups - Set jello in 20 minutes by following the quick set directions and putting it in a few disposable cups and refrigerating.  
Vinegar - Use it as a weed killer between bricks and flagstones.  The acidic component kills young weeds in one dousing!
Wax Paper - Keep pages in a wet book from sticking together.  Put waxed paper between the wet pages and when they dry, they'll be as good as new!
Ziptop Bags - Clean showerheads by pouring vinegar in the bag, securing it around the showerhead and leaving it to soak for a half hour!
Chalk - Chalk will help clean the ring-around-collar grease if you mark it heavily before washing!  It absorbs the grease, making it easier to remove the stain!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Great Hot Chocolate Recipe! #GiftIdea

 You can enjoy it for yourself or package it up cleverly for Christmas cheers! 

2 cups nonfat dry milk powder
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/3 - 1/2 cup semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup powdered non-dairy creamer
pinch of salt (optional)

Mix all ingredients thoroughly with a whisk, package it up and seal it, making sure it is airtight!  Mix several spoonfuls with hot milk or water to taste!  Enjoy!  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Play Disc Golf! Some Tips For Beginners

A few years ago, our family walked around a vacant field with random bushes and trees here and there and also with a little bridge that crossed over a dry stream into a lower field.  This field branched out into a beautiful park called Bicentennial Park.  These three areas had something in common.  They had steel and chain baskets placed strategically around to equal 16 in all.  The whole area made up one of the 5 disc golf parks in the Utah Valley area.  At the time, we had frisbees and we did our best to find the tee pads where you start and throw to the basket.  I think my frisbee finally made it into the basket in about 12 throws!  That was four years ago and humiliating to think about since I now make it in 4 throws and sometimes even 3!  Since then, my husband took it up as his pastime and I also took it up as a fun sport to do maybe 4 times a month.  Greg wound up winning this last year as one of the division champions of the newly formed Wasatch Disc Golf Club.  I have since played in one tournament with not as dramatic results, but happy I did it!  We each have Revolution disc golf bags, an assortment of discs, which are definitely not of the frisbee variety! This is a great sport to take up for a "hecka" family fun or a way to meet up with other disc golf enthusiasts and get some great exercise. 
To get started, the best way to do this right now is go out and have fun. You're sure to meet up with someone who will be willing to give you a pointer or two!  Don't let more experienced players intimidate you with their distance and accuracy.  Some experienced players with proper technique can easily throw 400+ feet!  Throw an easy to control disc, such as the Discraft Elite Z-Glide and focus on accuracy.  Distance will come with time and experience, so focus on putting your disc down in the middle of the fairway.  Keep it simple and don't try advanced techniques until you have learned some basic form and control.  Throw with 1-step rather than trying to attempt a run up. Try to keep the disc close to your chest and keep it flat as possible.  Wait until you feel you are consistent and accurate before trying to add to your throw!
There are quite a few terms specific to disc golf. For instance, hyzer is the common term for releasing the disc with the outer edge at a lower angle than parallel to the ground, which usually causes the disc to curve left!  Anhyzer means to release the disc with the outer edge at a higher angle than parallel to the ground, which usually causes the disc to curve right!  And don't worry, I still have problems getting the two terms straight in my mind.  The most important thing is to just get out there and start throwing!
Don't know where to find a disc golf course near you?  Try this disc golf course locater!  If you know about one in your area, you can review it and get points for free stuff at Disc Golf Station!