Sunday, May 2, 2010

Famous Last Words!

I, personally, will never switch to Wordpress!  Yes, I understand it's the supposed greatest piece of shiz to hit the bloggy world.  But try to enter a contest with Wordpress.  Geez!  It's like the Wordpress police are always riding you to post your life history before each comment that you make. Also, if you post at any speed at all, there's Wordpress, telling you you're posting too fast.  And then tonight, I was posting my entries in a nice little contest and I was told that I looked like a spammer and to please punch in the magic letters before I could go further.  I did so, and then it told me that I had posted this comment before.  Hello?  It's a multiple entry comment.  Do I now need to be creative and say something new and different in each multiple entry giveaway comment?  How many ways can I say "I blogged"?  I did blog this!  I therefore blogged my arse off for this!  I will now declare that I heretoforewith blogged this! etc. etc. ARGGGGGH!  Next, it just shut me down in the middle of my entries and told me to contact the blog administrator because I had used up my comment privileges.  Crap!  I'm never going to enter a giveaway on a Wordpress Stream again. (Those indeed were famous last words - I enter WordPress contests all the time, although they still aren't my favorites!  I have learned to multi-task while I'm waiting for the comment to sync and I can submit another comment!)  I would never put my own readers through what I had and do go through every time I enter a giveaway hosted with Wordpress.  Thanks, I'll keep my Blogger-owned blog and trust that they will be more polite to those who visit here.

On an aside note, I understand the need for security on a website that does monetary transactions.  Wordpress is a good bet for someone who does that, based on all the red tape I have to go through just to enter a giveaway.  But even that has failures. I know of a Wordpress Website Builder, Suzanne Bird-Harris,  who has several clients that have had their sites hacked.  One of these clients had to have her site rebuilt 3 different times.  I imagine she didn't like the bill for that. 

The best way to avoid hacks into any site where you go to get or give secure information is to have great passwords that you change regularly.  I know, it's such a pain, but it's the safest way.  You can do it easier by having a combination of CAPITAL LETTERS, lower case letters, numbers, special characters (#$^@$&$&*),  and at least 8 characters long.  To make the hassle a little easier, you can use add-ons such as SECURE LOGIN for Firefox and other such programs that automatically load and remember all your passwords.
Update 6/21/12 - These days, most of the giveaways I enter are done on Rafflecopter.  I, too, have switched over to this nifty little gadget.  Entering is a snap and because of it, more people are enticed to enter!  Practically gone are the days of low-entry giveaways, although there are still some to be found.  But he new definition of a low-entry giveaway is anything under 1200 entries!  


Great Giveaways!

  • Win a Gigi swimsuit ($98) in your choice of color at  Mommy Musings!  Ends 5/4/10!


Friday, April 30, 2010

A Fun Hobby

I like disc golf. I like my husband for introducing it to me. He bought me the bag, the discs, and I actually know what over-stable and under-stable are and a few other choice terms.

Greg is the most urgent and intense driver (of discs). He can chuck those puppies over 350 ft. When I watch them,they look like birds in flight, rising up and down with the wind. Just last night, he placed 2nd in doubles, adding $12 to the family pot! This is no small feat since he is the old man of the bunch. One comment that was made was, "Wow! For an old man, you have a hell of an arm."

I must tell you, he thinks I'm a heck of a putter, too. Whenever I make a nice putt, especially in front of a bunch of guys, he starts talking to me in ways that to the normal ear, may sound dirty. But it's actually a lot of disc golf phrases strung together with "my wife" in there somewhere. I have a slight hearing problem and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between consonants, like p and b. But I have no problem distinguishing between those two vowels when we're out playing. It is ALWAYS "nice putt."

Seriously, ladies, disc golf with your man is fun. You're out in a beautiful park, the weather is nice (but not necessarily), you're getting fresh air and exercise, quality time with the hubby, etc. etc. If I was single, I'd take up disc golf, for sure, as a strategy. There are hardly any good women players out there and single, athletic guys aplenty. Greg tells me about some of those he meets. Airline pilots, CEO's of small companies, millionaires, you name it. Heck, Greg plays with a certain BYU quaterback's dad and some of his friends. Of course, there are also the pot heads and nerds.

Sometimes I'll see guys out introducing the sport to their dates or girlfriends. I have to laugh at times. The girl will be wearing a flowing dress or flip flops or a halter top, her hair perfectly coifed. She looks like she needs to be mall shopping or something. The thing that she feels is most important is to look beautiful for her man. And then she throws. It is embarrassingly unwieldy, but the guy gallantly compliments her and urges her on. Hopefully, she will be persistent and the guy will be patient. If so, she will have it made and she doesn't even know it! 

I think it's fun to see families playing together. One time there was a couple playing, with baby stroller in tow. He was obviously a player and I assumed she was along for the outing, not necessarily the playing. Then came her turn. She let loose a throw that outdid mine by a few feet and she wasn't even trying. By the time their little guy gets to be three, he'll be a player for sure. The other day I saw a little guy tagging along with his player dad and possibly his grandpa. He wss carrying his own disc. I thought, "how cute, the little guy might be out of his element trying to keep up with the big boys." But no, this little guy was a bonefied player and he let those discs rip. So there are a lot of little disc golf virtuosos coming up the pipe.

Greg taught me how to play. It used to be that every time I made a throw, there he'd be, with another and another suggestion. "Please, just let me throw and enjoy my time here!", I'd say. I really didn't care how many feet my disc went or if I made the basket in 4 or 8 tries. So he'd let up for awhile until he just couldn't stand it and there come the comments and coaching once again. He's a lot better now....because I'm a lot better now! I may even enter my first tournament this year. And tomorrow he is playing a tournament in Ogden. We're trying it out today though!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enter These Giveaways!

  • Win a 1 quart jar of Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil at Upstate Ramblings!  Ends 4/30/10!

  • Win a Custom art piece - 'Dreamer' from Irish artist, Ann Gorman at Milk and Cuddles!  Ends 5/1/10!

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    'Timeless' by Nicole Miller Giveaway

    Timeless, by Nicole Miller, is one of my favorite beauty pick-me-ups.  It is a gentle exfoliant that won't wreak havoc on your skin, even if you have sensitive skin.  It gently gets rid of dead cells that have a way of piling up on your skin like unwelcome crashers at your party, making skin look dull and lifeless.  The only thing more effective would be a chemical peel.  But I won't get into the cost of that.  Some of us don't have the funds or time to get all crazy like that once a month!  In addition, chemical peels can be very irritating to sensitive skin.  Timeless is a great alternative and I just love it.

    "Younger skin (as in the teen years through the mid-twenties) renews its surface layers every two to three weeks. As we age (mid-twenties and on), the cell turnover rate slows, causing the dead skin cell layer to be thicker. That’s where Timeless Age-Defying Serum comes in. The gentle formula and patented ingredient AHCare® helps loosen dead skin cells and speed skin’s renewal rate to reveal more radiant skin. Timeless gently speeds the rate of skin’s natural exfoliation, while also delivering moisture and vitamins. Perfect for preventing and reversing the early signs of aging."
     Traditional Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and Chemical Peels work, but they can irritate the skin! Nicole Miller offers a breakthrough alternative.  With the patented AHCare, Timeless will deliver the benefits of traditional AHA's, with little to no irritation!  Timeless also has supplement strength Vitamin C and provitamin A, deeply penetrating the skin's top layer to make it look smooth and firm.  It also has an antioxidant blend of cranberry extract, green tea and Vitamin E to further protect and fight free radical damage!

    AH Care, a naturally sourced AHA,  works because it breaks the bonds between old and young skin cells, helping dead skin cells slough off faster, revealing a more healthy and beautiful complexion!  The active ingredients are released slowly to lessen the chance of skin irritation.  Wrinkles and lines soften and age spots fade, as smoother, younger-looking skin appears.

    Get It:
    Nicole Miller is made and manufactured here in the US by Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.  You can order it by calling 1-800-282-3000 and giving this id# 8014717669.  They offer a Preferred Customer Program with many lucrative incentives.  Check it out here and enter the password - Melaleuca - for more info!

    Win It:
    One lucky person will receive a 1 oz. vial of Timeless by Nicole Miller (retail value - $33.50), delivered by US mail with delivery confirmation! Open to US Only, Please complete the mandy (mandatory entry) and any of the following entries for extra chances to win!  Please make your e-mail address available so I can contact you if you win!!!
    Tell one way you take care of your skin that helps you!  Simple, huh?  Be honest, if you don't do anything, just say that!  I promise, I won't judge!
    • Subscribe to AGalNeeds....RSS Feed (on right sidebar) using Google or another method that you prefer!  Also let me know if you already do in a comment!
    • Follow AGalNeeds...On Google Friend! 
    • Tweet daily for an extra entry every day! Leave me your twitter status in your comment! You can copy and paste this:  AGalNeeds..Timeless by Nicole Miller! 5/14 Win it and see what it does for your skin! 5/14/10
    • Blog, Facebook or Stumble about this giveaway and leave the post link! 3 extra entries (Leave 1 comment per entry) You may do all three if you'd like!
    This giveaway will end on 5/14/10 at 12:00 am MST.  I am excited that one of you will get this wonderful gift!  Winner will be chosen with and will be notified by e-mail.  I received no compensation of any kind for this giveaway and the opinions expressed are mine!

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    My Review of Electronic 8-Cup Dry Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

    Originally submitted at CSN Stores

    • Makes up to 16 cups of cooked rice
    • Easy to clean, nonstick, removable inner pot
    • Improved steam vent and water reservoir
    • Safety cool-touch exterior

  • 1-touch, easy operation with automatic keep-warm function

  • This Rice Cooker Is Great
    By daisydoo  on 4/25/2010
    4out of 5
    Pros: Moist Rice, Non-Stick, High Heat Tolerance
    Describe Yourself: Casual Cook
    I use it everyday! I love to make rice pudding and I love rice more than potatoes. My husband grew up on rice and our old rice cooker was starting to show wear. This rice cooker is great!
    The Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer!
    Tags: Reviews, Rice Cooker, CSN Stores

    My Review of Prep Bowls in Kiwi (Set of 4)

    Originally submitted at CSN Stores
    The silicone Prep Bowls are perfect for staging and measuring ingredients. Simply pinch and the flexible material allows you to funnel ingredients into small jars and containers. Also, they are a colorful way to serve condiments, salad dressings, and dips. The bowls are di...

    These Prep Bowls Rock
    by daisydoo
    4out of 5
    Pros: Compact, Attractive Design, Dishwasher Safe, Quality Construction, Convenient, Easy To Use
    Best Uses: Small Kitchens, Large Kitchens
    Describe Yourself: Casual Cook
    I love these bowls. They are beautiful, sturdy and easy to use. Love the higher sides!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Just a Little Rest!

    It's been a long week and I'm a little tired!  The Census is well underway and as usual, everything should have been done yesterday, so while last month there were a lot of days where there was no work (and no pay), now, it's all the work you need and more!  Yesterday I was in charge of an operation that involved doing an entire mobile home court in a town about 35 miles from me.  There was only 1 person who showed up to help me, a sweet lady of about 60 years old.  But we did OK, getting count of about 145 people.  After that I was up until 1:30 am doing repetitive forms and back up at 6:00 to finish by the deadline.  The sad thing is that a good amount of the respondents had already done their census forms (or said they did) and sent them in, but we still had to do it, just to make sure.  Yes, there were also a lot who hadn't done it!

    I ran into a lot of Spanish speakers and since I don't speak Spanish, I basically handed them a Spanish form and pointed to the items that needed to be filled in.  They got the point and most were very nice about it.  There was just the one Smart Alec who said he didn't have to.  (Did you know it's the law, you are required by law to fill out the census!)  I said, "Actually, yeah it's the law." He said, "Why are jew lying to me?"  "Sir, I'm not lying! Please call my boss if you have questions!" (I flashed my badge with phone numbers). Luckily, there were no more comments from him after that.

    I had a really scary moment when I walked into a fenced yard, knocked on the door and a very irate golden lab came charging out of a dog door!  I wasn't too worried at first because Golden Labs are usually nice, aren't they?  But this one apparently sensed my surprise and alarm and started snarling, barking and growling.  I was not about to test him and proceeded to get the gate open as quickly as I could.  Unfortunately, it was a trick latch and my fumbling fingers couldn't seem to open it.  I prayed that I could get this gate open because the dog was upon me and my hind-quarters were very unprotected and exposed to sharp teeth. But I couldn't get the thing open.  I had trapped myself in the lair of a howling monster - my imminent demise was certain!  Fortunately the neighbors across the street saw my plight and started calling said monster off.  The woman actually came over, yelling Spanish at the dog and even though he was still barking, it distracted him enough and gave me time to figure out the ridiculously complicated latch and hurriedly make my exit.  Needless to say, I was very grateful to that very kind woman for saving my buttocks from being punctured! So yeah, I'm a little gassed! Nothing that a great weekend can't cure though!

    image image2

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Oh Dear!

    I'm sorry to announce that we had a no response to the Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Giveaway and I would like to open this giveaway up for a few more days and then select another winner!  So now the end date for this giveaway has been extended to 4/18/10 at 11:59 pm MST!


    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Great Giveaways!

    •  Win a Hana Professional Flat Iron by Misikko at Shawn Ann's World!  Ends 4/18/10! 
    • Win a Mother's Day Box of Fairytale Brownies!  Delicious! Go to Sinful Southern Sweets to enter!  Ends 4/16/10! 

    Tropical Traditions Coconut Peanut Butter Giveaway! NOW CLOSED

    I'm excited that I can team up with Tropical Traditions again and this time with another one of their absolutely amazing natural organic products!  

    I was able to try their yummy Organic Coconut Peanut Butter!  Oh my, what a treat!  The coconut was not overwhelming at all, but rather subtle!  It had a distinct natural sweetness to it that could actually be compared to a light honey-like taste.  I think it tastes absolutely amazing, not to mention that there are no waxes, trans fats or rancid peanuts! 
    "Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Peanut Butter is made from organic peanuts and organic coconut. Two ingredients: nothing else! No fillers, no binders, no sweeteners, and no preservatives. The peanuts are 100% organic Valencia peanuts grown organically by family farmers in New Mexico and Texas. Grown in the dry climate of the southwestern United States, these peanuts are certified organic and free from aflatoxins. The dried coconut is certified organic coconut meat from the Philippines from coconuts that are grown with no fertilizers or pesticides. This premium dried coconut contains no additives or preservatives, and is not sweetened. Unlike most dried coconut on the market, our dried coconut products are not treated with sulfites to keep them white. Together, these premium organic roasted peanuts and the premium organic dried coconut are ground together to make a delicious and nutritious spread!"
    I was very surprised to learn that Tropical Traditions has more than one kind of peanut butter!  They have the most varied list of  gourmet, organic peanut butters that I have ever seen!  Have you ever thought of different kinds of peanut butter?  I hadn't until I saw their extensive list!  They have 11 different flavors of peanut butter!  I would love to try all of these flavors!  Now that I've tried and love the Coconut Peanut Butter, what else would be good?  The possibilities are endless!

    Get it:  You can buy directly from Tropical Traditions website.  There is a great sale for their Virgin Coconut Oil! Buy one and get the 2nd free!  And you can get their organic lip moisturizers for the same deal - buy one and get the 2nd free!
    Tropical Traditions also has a Referral Program, so if you place an order with them as a first-time customer, you can select “Referred by a friend” and in the box that says “How did you hear of us?” enter this sponsor ID # - 5954910. You will receive a complimentary copy of the book Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours! by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy with your first order! This book is filled with testimonies and research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how one can incorporate coconut into their diet!

    Win it: For your own jar of Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Peanut Butter, please complete the mandy (mandatory entry) and any of the following entries for extra chances to win!  Please make your e-mail address available so I can contact you if you win!!!

    Mandy: Visit Tropical Traditions and tell me another kind of peanut butter that you'd like to try! 

    Optional Additional entries: 
    • Become a Facebook Fan of Tropical Traditions! Come back and leave your follower first name and last initial!
    • Subscribe to AGalNeeds....RSS Feed (on right sidebar) using Google or another method that you prefer!
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    • Tweet daily for an extra entry every day! Leave me your twitter status in your comment! You can copy and paste this: "AGalNeeds...a jar of organic coconut peanut butter from @TropTraditions 4/29/10.
    • Blog, Facebook or Stumble about this giveaway and leave the post link! 3 extra entries (Leave 1 comment per entry) You may do all three if you'd like!
    This giveaway will end on 4/29/10 at 12:00 am MST.  I am excited that one of you will get this wonderful gift! Thanks to Tropical Tradition for their help and generosity. Winner will be chosen with and will be notified by e-mail.  Contest is open to both US and Canada.  However, Tropical Traditions is not responsible for customs or duties that Canada may charge if you decide to participate in this Tropical Traditions sponsored blog giveaway! The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and were not influenced in any way by Tropical Traditions or any other outside party.
    The winner was #8, picked by number generator!  Congratulations!

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Great Giveaways That Make Me Smile!

    • Pick your prize from CSN stores!  (Up to $85!) It's at Stem Parties!  Enter until 4/16/10!
    • Win a Baseball Tee autographed by Sheryl Crowe from Bootheel Trading Company!  It's at Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous!  Ends 4/20/10!


          WooHoo! You Made The Difference!

          If you remember, a few posts back I told you about the Better Basket Blog Hop by Hershey!  It was a virtual Easter Basket Giveaway to be done for the Children's Miracle Network, for children who have lots of needs.  They were going to donate $10 per blog post and donate up to $5000 to the Children's Miracle Network.  Here's what happened, thanks to you and everyone who participated:

          Within a week, 200 bloggers had participated, soon it was over 400 bloggers - all caring for simple message: caring and paying it forward.

          HERSHEY'S was so happy to have so many caring people to support their charity of choice that they decided to make a donation of $7,000 for the Children's Miracle Network in honor of the blogging community.
           You see, that's the kind of power we have for good, if we want it to be!  I'm very proud to have been a small part of that.  Thank you to my friend who passed me a virtual Easter Basket and for my friends who passed the news on! Mwwwwaaa, you know who you are! And thanks to Hershey's for that generous gift.  I'm sure that many children will benefit!


          Saturday, April 10, 2010

          Super Giveaways!

          • Win a $25 Gift Card to Red Lobster at DebbieDoos' Blog!  Just click on the lobster on my sidebar for more details!

            Friday, April 9, 2010

            Happy Friday!

            Good morning! So I'm working at my job with the US Census and we're getting ready for the Non-Response Follow Ups!  That is where we go and follow up with those who, for whatever reason, didn't complete the questionnaire that was delivered to them for the decennial census.  If you still have your questionnaire's, you can always fill them out (they came in a large envelope) and send them in!  It's OK!  Here I am working for them and I just barely sent mine in!  (The completed questionnaire was in my car, which was in the shop for an unforeseen, very long week getting a new transmission....expensive!)

            Other than that, I just wanted to thank everyone for kind comments and I hope you have a very happy day!
            I invite you to check out my current giveaways!  One is for all my great followers and features Nicole Miller's Timeless! Another one is brand new and is featuring Pink Bench Headbands!

            Also, FYI!  Head over to 5 Minutes For Mom!  The Ultimate Blog Party starts today! I haven't been a social blogger long enough to have participated in this phenomena.  It sounds like a kick in the pants!  Who wouldn't want to meet new bloggers with great ideas, great giveaways and great writing style?  I'm so in---I'm just not in it for the prizes!(heh, heh) but since it's a REQUIREMENT, I'll list the prizes I'd like.  Hmmmm.....
            The $25 Gift Cards to Target sound great, the laptop, and ....I'll be back with a more complete list!  Because A Gal needs.....

            And HERE are my selections:

            Of course I'd love a chance to win the Toshiba Satellite since, after all, it is the Grand Prize!
            I'd also love a chance to win:
            US20 - $50 in jewelry from Cookie Lee from myfamilyjewels
            US32 - $25 Target Gift Card from Frugal Novice
            US75 - $100 Gift Certificate to provided by StomperMom!

            US81 a masque from L'Bri provided by Julie Leischner because I'm girly like that...
            US82 an enzyme peel from L'Bri provided by Julie Leischner because I want to try it!
            US11 a $100 GC to b/c I love food!
            US34  Bliss Lemon Sage Body Butter
            US50 $50 GC to FroggyGirl Designs
            US28 Guy and Eva Necklace
            US35 Hobo International Clutch Bag
            US95 $100 GC to
            US107 $25 GC To Target
            US112 $50 Amazon GC

            USC 3 $50 Target GC
            USC 8 $55 e-gift card for
            USC 11 $50 gift card for Priddy Creations
            USC 21 $25 GC to Cinemark Theaters
            USC 39 $50 Pay Pal cash

            INTL 5 Blog design by Whimsical Websites
            INTL 8 Blog Design by Mary Hess Designs
            INTL 11 Custom Blog Design by Simplyfabblog
            INTL 14 Blog Makeover by Dawn Farias

            Last but not least, if you have come over from the UBP, FF, or heck, anywhere else, I want to thank you for that and if you have also become a follower, I will be doing a drawing for this:

                                                 Timeless by Nicole Miller
            This is one of my favorite beauty pick-me-ups and I KNOW you will like it, too.  It retails for $33.50, and I would love to give it to one of you lovely bloggers for free.
             "The gentle formula and patented ingredient AHCare® helps loosen dead skin cells and speed skin’s renewal rate to reveal more radiant skin. Timeless gently speeds the rate of skin’s natural exfoliation, while also delivering moisture and vitamins. Perfect for preventing and reversing the early signs of aging."
             So if you're not already, please give me a follow (any way is fine, just let me know) and leave your comment here and you're in the drawing!  I will wrap this up on the 17th a midnight, since I put this up a little late!  So let's re-cap:
            1) Follow me from UBP, FF, or elsewhere (tell me from where)
            2) Leave your comment

            That's pretty much it, I promise!  Thanks again for all the lovely comments so far and I want you to know that I love my followers and I give them top priority for the giveaways I list on my site and also for the visits I pay to other sites each day.  Thanks so much and have a wonderful Spring!


            Thursday, April 8, 2010

            Pink Bench Review and Giveaway!

            I've always had problems when wearing regular headbands.  My head starts to hurt, the area behind my ears where the headband is anchored hurts, and after all that they don't stay in place anyway. Then I discovered Pink Bench!  They have beautiful headbands that don't hurt and they stay in place!  How, you ask?  Because of the ingenuity of Adrienne, the creative force behind the company.  She has created a patent pending design for her headbands!
            Now that my headbands are from Pink Bench, I have none of the problems I had before and I can enjoy the many benefits of headbands.  For one thing, what a great accessory for your wardrobe!  But also a headband is great for those days that your hair can't stand on its own. It's for when you need to look OK when you actually look horrible. (I have that kind of day every other day!) So here I am on one of those days that happen way too often!  I'm wearing one that was sent to me for review.  I like this one because it is basically the same color as my hair and just pulls it back out of my face!

            The headbands come in really cute pink envelopes complete with an instruction guide to help you learn how to put one on.  It is really easy, like tying a shoe! Adrienne even has a tutorial for you on her blog to help you with short hairstyles, pony-tails, long, straight hair and forward styled hair.  I surely wish I had looked at the tutorial before I took these pictures b/c my own headband would look a lot better, I'm sure!  So make sure to watch the tutorials.
             Here is some background informaton on how Pink Bench started and about the company!
            Our humble beginnings of this homegrown business started from the creative mind of Adrienne Wright. Anyone that knows Adrienne will tell you that she has excellent taste and is an amazing seamstress, quilt maker, cook, caterer, party-giver, mother, and of course a one-of-a-kind.
            As for the headbands, that story is simple. A friend of hers came to over one day and asked her to do something, anything, with her daughter's headband. It constantly hurt her and wouldn't stay in one place longer than 30 minutes. Adrienne had never worn any headbands for that same reason, so she knew the problem and she asked her friend to give her a couple of days to figure it out.
            Adrienne went to bed that night and woke up early in the morning with her idea of how to create a headband for girls and women that stays on and doesn't hurt. Arising at 4:00 A.M. that first morning, she sat down at her sewing machine and has not stopped since that day. Of course she has perfected the headband even more now than in the beginning months ago, so much so that she has filed for a patent on the design. She selects many new fabric patterns every week for her headbands and makes a limited amount from each pattern, so the uniqueness can continue on.
            Pinkbench has now progressed to helping groups w/ fundraisers, discounts to schools and church groups.
            Now we can't discount the other half of Pink Bench!  That would be Mark, Adrienne's husband!  He is the one that I encounter most of the time when I am ordering or asking questions.  I guess you could call him the Executive Director of the Company!   He also teaches school, so he is a very busy guy!

            So now for the good stuff!  Would you like to have one of these great headbands?  Of course, you say?  Well, you can do this:

            Get It:  Go to, pick out your headbands and enter Pinkbench in the coupon code box and you will automatically get $2 taken off each headband you order.  And for every 6 headbands you order, you get one free! 

            Win It: Pinkbench would be pleased to give 2 of my followers a headband of their choice! 

            Do the Mandy first: Go to Pink Bench and check out their headbands.  Come back and tell me which one(s) you need.  (After all, a gal needs a few great headbands, don't you think?)

            Extra Entries (Please leave a comment for each entry!):
            • Subscribe to my blog with RSS Feed found on my rght sidebar (2 entries)
            • Follow me on Twitter!  (2 extra entries!)
            • Blog, Stumble or Facebook this giveaway and link it back to here and Pink Bench! Tell me where you did this!(5 extra entries)
            • Make an order from Pink Bench! (8 extra entries!)
            • Tweet this giveaway and leave me your twitter link! (Can be done once daily for extra entry each time)
            • Add my blog to your blog roll! (2 entries) 
            • Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect! (2 entries)
            • Follow along on Networked Blogs found on my sidebar! (2 entries)
             Whether you do just the first entry or all of them, you are all welcome to enter! The winner will be chosen through and will be notified through e-mail (make sure it is readily available!)  I will forward your mailing information and headband selection to Pink Bench!  Giveaway ends 11:59 PM MST on 4/22/10!  Good luck to everyone and special thanks to Pink Bench for making this giveaway possible and for making our heads happy!

            Great Giveaways!

              • Spring has sprung! I need to get my skin in show-off condition.  A gal needs some good skin products!  Enter to win 3 Cosmedix skin rejuvenating products at Familylicious!  Ends4/17/10!

                      Tuesday, April 6, 2010

                      Great Giveaways!

                      Unfortuntately, this adorable puppy is NOT one of the Giveaways!  But isn't he cute? 
                      • Win a personalized anklet from Belly Charms at Born 2 Impress!  Ends 4/19/10!

                              A Dress For A Wedding, A Funeral and Maybe A Luncheon

                              I received a beautiful dress to review from eShakti!  Jennifer gave me some leeway on what I could choose.  So I chose according to a couple of needs I had.  I needed a dress to attend special occasions such as funerals, luncheons, even wedding receptions, and church functions.  I've gained some weight over this very long winter, maybe 5 pounds, and so I knew I wanted to disguise that as much as possible.  What is the best color to do that? Black!  The only problem is that I don't look my best in black.  I usually go for gray instead.  But I wanted to see what I could do with a beautiful peach/mandarin scarf that I had won on a previous giveaway.  If I could have that next to my face, it wouldn't matter if I was wearing black!  So with that need in mind, I went a-lookin'.  This is what I found:  The Peony Embroidered Cotton Satin Dress!  
                               I was quite pleased with the style, fit, and color of this dress!

                              I feel that this dress will look good , even if I end up losing some weight over the summer, which is what I normally do!  I absolutely love the embroidery work.  The flowers just pop and they look so beautiful at close range. (To see more closely, just click on the picture to enlarge!)

                              You should really  go to eShaki and check out their beautiful clothing. They have all sizes, from 0 to 26W!  Don't be like I've been so much in the past.  I don't want to get new clothing because I am waiting for the day that I'll be that perfect size 4. And what happens?  That day never comes.  Go ahead and feel beautiful today, in a size that fits you and feels good.  As Apolo Ohno says, "This life is too short.  Live the moment.  No regrets!" 

                              Another great feature that eShakti has is the custom fit option.  For a small fee, you can opt to adjust the neckline, the length and the sleeve length!  Even for standard sizing, they ask your bust size and your height so they can do a better job at getting your perfect fit.  I opted for the standard sizing, and with just the bust and height measurements, provided by me, they were able to do a great job!

                              eShakti has a Facebook Fan Page where they feature new arrivals and other blog reviews, among other great things, so go check that out as well.

                              I went to eShakti with some specific concerns and needs and I feel that these concerns were addressed and that I came away very happy! Thank you so much eShakti!

                              Monday, April 5, 2010

                              Great Giveaways!

                              Well, I think I snagged a few more great giveaways for you!  I only pick the ones that I love and hopefully you will love them too!
                              • There is a Janson Beckett Anti-Aging Products Giveaway over at Guessing All The Way and there will be 2 winners!  Ends 4/16/10!
                              • Win a bag of your choice, up to $75 at Mad By Design!  Go to Deb's Here and enter by 4/8/10!