Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Find Uses For Common Items!

 We've all got these common items in our homes.  But I'll bet you didn't think of some of these great ways to use them!  I sure didn't!  I picked my favorite alternative use for each item but there are tons more at Womansday!
Toothpaste - Remove crayon marks from a wall by squirting a small dab of non-gel toothpaste on the wall and rub with a cloth, then rinse with warm water!
Rubber Bands -  Hook a rubber band through the button hole of your pants and secure the other end to the button for some extra breathing room!
Nail Polish - Mend a small hole (1/3" or smaller) in a screen and prevent it from getting bigger by brushing clear nail polish on it!
Scotch Tape - Before hammering a nail into a wall, put scotch tape on it to prevent the paint from chipping.
Dryer Sheets - Calm static electricity and flyaway hair by running a dryer sheet through it!
Hair Dryer - Remove wax by pointing a hair dryer at the wax and melting it, then wiping it off with a sponge!
Hand Lotion - You can use hand lotion as a quick shoe polish!
Cornstarch - Detangle stubborn knots in shoelaces, string or chain necklaces by rubbing some in!
Petroleum Jelly - Rub some of this on your pet's paws to protect them from drying and cracking!
Coffee Filters - Clean windows, mirrors and champagne glasses!  They are lint free and leave no streaks.
Salt - Clean greasy pans by sprinkling salt in them before washing.  The salt absorbs most of the grease before you wash them!
Disposable Cups - Set jello in 20 minutes by following the quick set directions and putting it in a few disposable cups and refrigerating.  
Vinegar - Use it as a weed killer between bricks and flagstones.  The acidic component kills young weeds in one dousing!
Wax Paper - Keep pages in a wet book from sticking together.  Put waxed paper between the wet pages and when they dry, they'll be as good as new!
Ziptop Bags - Clean showerheads by pouring vinegar in the bag, securing it around the showerhead and leaving it to soak for a half hour!
Chalk - Chalk will help clean the ring-around-collar grease if you mark it heavily before washing!  It absorbs the grease, making it easier to remove the stain!
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