Wednesday, December 29, 2010

meesh & mia

 Are you a gal who is loyal to a favorite college or university team?  If so, I'd like to introduce you to meesh & mia!  They are not your ordinary, sweat-shirt, hoodie kind of collegiate sportswear.  This is collegiate couture!  I love the way meesh & mia has taken college loyalty and made it a subtle fashion statement!  This is not about putting your college logo boldly on your chest, emblazoned on a teeshirt, sweatshirt or hoodie. (which, I might add, is wonderful for many enthusiasts, including myself on occasion)!  This is subtly sporting your school logo on the collar or sleeve of a very fashionable piece.  I love this idea and loved it even more when I saw the beautiful pieces!  


 If you like the idea of a unique alternative to the current selection of collegiate licensed apparel and want to wear something fashionable on game day and every day, then check out meesh & mia. Currently, they are licensed with 15 great Universities, including Ohio State, Penn State, Univ of Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Georgia, Wisconsin, Cincinnatti, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Idaho, Nevada, University of Utah, BYU, and Nevada!  They will pick up 12 more Universities this spring including Arkansas, Arizona, Louisville, Texas Tech, University of Kansas, Washington State, North Carolina, Perdue, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Southern Methodist and another 15 for Fall 2011!*  Exciting stuff!  If you see your Alma Mater on the list above, you will be thrilled at the way meesh & mia blend your school colors into the best fashion statements ever!

Plus, I've got great news!  meesh & mia will be giving away one piece from their collection to one of my readers who decides to enter my giveaway during Blogtastic, January 18 - 22.  So check back here for sure!  Also, check out all of the other blogs that will be participating in this fun event!

*For a list of schools meesh & mia will be licensed for in Fall 2011, please send me an e-mail request and I will get that list to you! daisydoo200 at yahoo dot com
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