Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Fun Halloween Ride!

 Today was a gorgeous day...until 3 pm.  Then it opened up and poured buckets the rest of the day and evening! Greg and I went on a bike ride to celebrate the next to last day in October before the rain came pouring down!  We set off at around noon and I became a bit enthralled with some of the scenery we saw.  I meant to take nature pictures of our beautiful ride and I did take one,

          but ended up mostly taking pictures of people's Halloween fun!                                                                   Here is what I saw:   

                                    Some cool-looking cornstalks and pumpkins!

                                   Cute Pumpkins near some scary gargoyles!

                          A beautiful front porch with an awesome pumpkin display
                                             Some very creative jack-o-lanterns

                             A porch that needed sweeping and cleaning very badly!

              And this strange fellow, running straight toward me.  It gave me quite a scare...

                                Until he wished me a very Happy Halloween!
                                                    I hope you have one too!
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