Saturday, September 11, 2010

Myrtle Beach Memories

I've been to Myrtle Beach a couple of times, thanks to my ex-boyfriend's family vacations.  They would invite me along on their annual Myrtle Beach getaways. We packed up the cars and left beautiful Floyd, Virginia in the morning and arrived at Myrtle Beach in the afternoon, ready to spend a fun-filled couple of days relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sights and sounds of Myrtle Beach.   Wow!  That place is really hopping and I loved it!
Now I live in Utah and those days are long gone.  I love my life here in Utah and wouldn't trade it for anything, but those memories linger in the "backroads of my memory, flowing ever gentle on my mind".  -Glen Campbell
I recently found out that Myrtle Beach is an amazing golf area.  I was so busy with the fun on the beach that golfing totally escaped me.  But, yeah, there are at least 84 golf courses in and around the Myrtle Beach Grand Strands area!  So if you like to golf, that is the place to do it! 
There are so many different scenarios to choose from--like the course right by the beach or the inland course full of trees and quaint bridges!
And don't forget disc golf! Socastee Rec Park has a beautiful 18 hole course with with holes ranging in length from 137 to 760 ft.
 Next time I go to Myrtle Beach, I will take advantage of some of these awesome golf courses, along with the awesome beach experience.
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